Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 7th...ish

Kent's and my 4th dating anniversary came and went this year.

The 1st year he proposed. The 2nd year he surprised me with dinner and a song. The 3rd year earings. The 4th year...he forgot.

So, after he was a jerk that whole day and I stopped talking to him the day was over without any celebrating. I went to bed and an hour later he came to bed and appologized as he had JUST received the Google Text reminder.

Our 4 year and 1 week anniversary was great though! We spent the whole week trading off "romantic days," and then we went out all day Saturday and played , got Bahama Bucks, and he gave me a new shirt and dress (my gift to him was the Bahama Bucks). We were going to go to Texas Roadhouse (our favorite!), but we were cooked. Literally. It was 111 on Saturday. So, we took a raincheck for that, and came home and watched a movie. Braelynn was nice enough to go to bed at 7 too.
It was the best day! Kent has been so super busy with this new business. We barely see each other and when we do, we are working. I am so proud of the accomplishments he has made as a business broker. I am so happy that he has found something that he really loves to do...while he doesn't love the Sign Company, he loves fixing it!

He is such a good daddy for Braelynn. She just beams when he comes home and does her little Arcenio grunt. The 3 of us are just having such a good time together!

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