Friday, December 31, 2010


There once was a magical townhouse with 2 princesses...Jeanette and Carly. While things were just about perfect, they needed a 3rd roomate. Alas...princess Cassie joined the 2 and things became more and more perfect.

One day an evil man stole princess Carly away and moved him into his castle. Princess Carly begged and begged for him to marry Jeanette and Cassie but he believed they would find true love one day as well.

Soon another evil man stole Jeanette away from Cassie! Cassie was heartbroken and moved to Boston...clear on the complete opposite side of the country!
In spite of the distances between them, the 3 remained BFFs. It would only seem natural that 2 desert rats would jump at the chance to go to Chicago for Cassie's Decemeber wedding with her Prince Charming, James.

In short...we had a total blast!!! Manis & Pedis, dinner out, hair, make-up, late nights, talking, 2 new friends, no husbands or babies...what more could a girl ask for? I would do it ALL over again...well, minus the mean shuttle bus driver who yelled at us (we won't EVER rent from Alamo because they are mean, or Enterprise because they made things difficult).

We just hope Cassie and James don't mind us joining them for their 1 year anniversary, because it's gonna be a party!!!

Christmas 2010

Wow! Christmas was fabulous this year!!! We had so much fun having it with Braelynn. Last year she was just too little to get it, but this year she was somewhat into it!

We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve morning, just the 3 of us. The night before Kent and I put out her gifts and stocking from Santa and impatiently waited for her to wake up the next morning. We got up early and waited for her to let out a breath of "I'm awake!" We brought her out and she was just so excited to see her farm and guitar and all the other toys.

The "big one" was from Ama and Apa though- her very own swing set in the backyard! We bundled her up and took her outside and she loved every minute of it! Kent must have played with her for an hour before they came in for breakfast.

That afternoon we headed down to Tucson to spend the rest of the day with my family. My little brother, Eddie, was in town too. We had a great dinner, watched movies, and just hung out.

My mom got her cast off and was so excited to be in her boot! She didn't sit down once on spite of all our pleading (she is supposed to be on 2 crutches for a week and not put any weight on her toe).

We had a great time and can't wait 'till next year!

28 Big Ones

This year I turned what I thought would be the dreaded 28. It was just getting a little too close to 30 for comfort. Surprisingly though, it feels pretty good. I'm NOT 30 yet...I'm still in my 20s! I'm married, pregnant with kiddo #2, live in my own house, own my own car, sold my magazine...not too bad for 28 eh? AND I have no problem bragging about myself, showing that I can still pull of tacky :)

Kent and Braelynn made me breakfast in bed and then that night we went to Texas Road House for dinner. Even though I did 5 loads of laundry, packed, made mashed potatos and yams in between; it was still a great day!
The next day we went to Tucson and I got to celebrate my birthday all over again...this time turning 78 ;) (Thanks for the birthday candles mom!)

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Last night Kent and I went to a Christmas party, and came home around 8:45...nothing too unusual right?
We pulled into the driveway and I hopped out of the car to grab something in the garage. I heard this...sound? sounded like someone's garage door fell off. I looked over to the neighbors' (something that loud had to have been next door) and didn't see anything or hear anything more and quickly forgot about it. We went inside and put Braelynn to bed.

A few minutes later our house was a-glow with flashing red and blue lights. I look outside and see our entire neighborhood congregating outside. Kent was also out there, so I headed outside.

Our neighborhood "alley-cat" plowed his car through 2 neighbors' homes! He tunneled his way through the first home's garage and decided to "park" once he reached the living room of the 2nd home. Thank goodness know one was hurt or killed. The kid of course walked away without a scratch...I'm sure our neighbors will be ripping him a new one soon though.
There were 9 fire trucks, a HAZMAT team (due to the gas line that he also broke), and a helicopter.

It was quite eventful down here to say the least!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Double Your Pleasure; Double Your Fun!

That's right...we're having another little girl! This is just what we were wanting and are so thrilled!

When the tech said "see these 3 little white lines..." Kent and I high-fived and yelled "it's a girl!"

After a few minutes of the Tech not saying anything, I doubled checked with her to make sure we knew what we were talking about. After all, 3 little white lines could mean anything right?

We didn't really get any good shots of the baby, because she was facing my back.

She is not measuring up to where she should be at this point, so I'm going in to get a better, more specialized Ultrasound next week. They just want to be sure that everything is okay. This will also give us the opportunity to see her little face and everything this time.

I am quite sure everything is okay...I'm tiny and I've thought that my due date was a little earlier than what it should be. BUT, we will be sure to keep the baby in our prayers just in case.

Well, like I said the photos didn't come out that great, but I still wanna get them up here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Survey Says???

Well tomorrow is the big day- we get to find out what we're having! Pregnancy is starting to feel a little more real now that I can feel the little bambino moving around, but hopefully once I know what we're having I can do a little planning and accept the fact that we're having another one.

Thanks to work related issues, I can't sleep. I thought NOW would be a good time to try out some of those old wives-tales to see if the "black magic" can prove anything before science (the ultrasound).

So, here are the results:

Chinese Gender Chart- Boy
Online Gender Quiz- Girl
Heart Rate- Girl
Wedding Ring- Boy
Drano- Um, too scary!

So, it looks like until I'm ready to pee into a cup of Drano and watch the chemical reaction...we're just gonna have to sit tight until Thursday afternoon.

I've become a strong supporter of the food craving test; however anything salty, sweet, sour, or even bland was enough to trigger my gag reflex this time around.

According to 1 article, a mother's gut-instinct is right about 70% of the time. I'm "feeling" boy.