Friday, December 31, 2010


There once was a magical townhouse with 2 princesses...Jeanette and Carly. While things were just about perfect, they needed a 3rd roomate. Alas...princess Cassie joined the 2 and things became more and more perfect.

One day an evil man stole princess Carly away and moved him into his castle. Princess Carly begged and begged for him to marry Jeanette and Cassie but he believed they would find true love one day as well.

Soon another evil man stole Jeanette away from Cassie! Cassie was heartbroken and moved to Boston...clear on the complete opposite side of the country!
In spite of the distances between them, the 3 remained BFFs. It would only seem natural that 2 desert rats would jump at the chance to go to Chicago for Cassie's Decemeber wedding with her Prince Charming, James.

In short...we had a total blast!!! Manis & Pedis, dinner out, hair, make-up, late nights, talking, 2 new friends, no husbands or babies...what more could a girl ask for? I would do it ALL over again...well, minus the mean shuttle bus driver who yelled at us (we won't EVER rent from Alamo because they are mean, or Enterprise because they made things difficult).

We just hope Cassie and James don't mind us joining them for their 1 year anniversary, because it's gonna be a party!!!

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Natalie (and Chad) said...

oooh - totally jealous! sounds like such a good time. :)