Friday, December 17, 2010

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Last night Kent and I went to a Christmas party, and came home around 8:45...nothing too unusual right?
We pulled into the driveway and I hopped out of the car to grab something in the garage. I heard this...sound? sounded like someone's garage door fell off. I looked over to the neighbors' (something that loud had to have been next door) and didn't see anything or hear anything more and quickly forgot about it. We went inside and put Braelynn to bed.

A few minutes later our house was a-glow with flashing red and blue lights. I look outside and see our entire neighborhood congregating outside. Kent was also out there, so I headed outside.

Our neighborhood "alley-cat" plowed his car through 2 neighbors' homes! He tunneled his way through the first home's garage and decided to "park" once he reached the living room of the 2nd home. Thank goodness know one was hurt or killed. The kid of course walked away without a scratch...I'm sure our neighbors will be ripping him a new one soon though.
There were 9 fire trucks, a HAZMAT team (due to the gas line that he also broke), and a helicopter.

It was quite eventful down here to say the least!

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Lanae said...

That's crazy! I'm so glad you guys were all safe. I'm looking forward to seeing some Christmas pictures!
Love you guys.