Saturday, December 19, 2009

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Oh my goodness gracious! Where have we been and what have we been doing over these last few weeks?

About a month ago, my dear friend, Christine, called asking if we would be able to watch her 5 month old son, Brody for a week. SURE! How hard could it be? 2, poop, nap. Got it! Well, let's just cover what my days were like.

Christine would drop Brody off at about 7 am. Braelynn would cry to eat and wake up Brody. Brody would see me feeding Braelynn and start crying to eat. I would lay down Braelynn and she would assume her typical spit-up routine. I was back and forth between her and warming up Brody's bottle, but Brody would cry reminding me I was not fast enough with the bottle. I would feed him and then lay him down on the floor. I would then try to play with them- tickling Braelynn with the right hand and rattling the toy for Brody with the left. Well, Braelynn at 2 months already knows what is hers (even though she has never once touched nor acknowledged her toys). She would then cry, so I'd pick her up. Brody didn't like this and would then cry. I lay Braelynn down and pick up Brody, who would stop crying...but then Braelynn would start again...and back and forth and back and forth until one of them would tire out and nap. I would then repeat the routine at about 10 am and continue until about 6:30 when Christine would pick up Brody.

By Friday I was wiped out! Unfortunately this was just to beginning of a very busy month.

Around Thanksgiving we put an offer in on a Publishing company down in Tucson. After some due diligence, negotiating, and whatnot, we closed on it! Whod-a-thunk we'd ever end up in this industry, but here we are! We have spent a few weeks down in Tucson training with the owners and it has been quite a bit of fun. Our first magazine will be distributed in February. Quite exciting!

In the midst of our training we also went to Houston for Christmas to see Kent's family. We had so much fun! We stayed at his Uncle Sam's house and ventured out to College Station for the annual Attaya family get together. It was so good to see everyone. We hadn't been there since Thanksgiving 2 years ago. The week was filled with board games, Wii, and tons of yummy food!

Braelynn has been full of fun surprises over the last few weeks as well. She has rolled over, started to laugh, and has really gotten interested in some toys. She is even able to hold herself up on her feet. Everyday she is more and more fun!

To celebrate New Year's today, we went on our 1st family hike. We ventured to the Superstition Mountains and went on a nice 4 mile hike. Braelynn did really well in her little backpack carrier thing. Once again, I am a failure at motherhood...our little 3 month old looks like a lobster! Apparently babies can get sunburns too :( Oops.

This week we will head back to Tucson to finish our training, and then we will get to come home!!! For good!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Some More Pictures & Video of Braelynn

Recent updates: Carly is sick with a stomach ache. Braelynn is smiling and happy and "talking" (in her mind she's talking at least). Went to a toastmasters Christmas dinner last night and passed out awards, enjoyed meeting many of the club members' families. Buying a publishing company - currently in escrow and closing on Dec 10th - Looking forward to a new industry and challenge. Settled dispute with the department of Real Estate, a relief to be done with it all. Spent Thanksgiving in Tuscon with Carly's parents - Ken and Mary - enjoyed seeing them. Dad Burton stopped in for a brief visit on his way to SLC, Braelynn seemed to enjoy his company, as evidenced by the pictures. :) There's some video clips of Braelynn below, and some with Mom Burton, Amy, Kenny, and me hiking in Sedona. Carly is a bit camera shy when it comes to video, I maybe we'll get lucky some other time. I don't tell stories quite as well as Carly does, so there you have it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Alarming Night

So Kent and I were down in Mexico, because I had a better chance of taking my Wrestling career to a professional level. I was up against this guy that had long, stringy, bleached-blond hair. He was about twice my height and his stomach alone weighed as much as I do.

I really didn't want to wrestle this guy, but Kent told me that if I could beat this guy I could take anyone and I'd be "in."

The lights in the arena were flashing and the alarm was sounding for us to start. Kent was nudging me saying "Go. Hey! Go NOW!"

Suddenly my conscience takes over my sub-conscience (just in the nick of time) and I wake-up, only to hear the alarm even louder and the lights even brighter with Kent yelling, "Hey Carly! What is that?"

We realize that it's the baby monitor (lights flash on it along with the sound), but we have no idea what is causing the alarm. I panic, but am too scared to go check it out (not as big of a chicken as Kent who didn't offer to go save his family though).

I head down the hallway and realize it's the fire alarm coming from the office, but there's no smoke or fire. We rip it off the wall and still hear the alarm. FINALLY we realize it's coming from Braelynn's room. We then proceed to rip that one off the wall as well.

Once again; no smoke, no fire.

The culprit?

So the morals of the story?

1.) I was never meant to be a professional wrestler.

2.) Check the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year (and learn how to safely remove them from the wall to avoid any damages when they detect other non-smoke elements).

3.) Check your kid's room first! Okay, okay; I am sure everyone out there is thinking, "duh!" But it's good to have a reminder :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekly Updates

Carly, Braelynn and I went knocking on doors yesterday trying to get our neighbors to sign a petition to get our friend, Scott Taylor on the City of Chandler Council ballot - he's very accomplished in his business pursuits and church assignments and we feel he would bring a lot of much needed common business sense and work ethic to the city. Plus he'd be donating his entire salary to the city. Our stake president has asked us to get more involved in making a difference in our local politics, schools, cities, etc. We're not exactly in a position to be serving in the community full time, but hope to be able to step in a more active role in the coming years. For now, we can at least help people we trust get elected to serve.

This past week, Cassie was able to visit from Boston- it's always good to see her - she's one of Carly's best friends and they just really hit it off. Sounds like she might be pursuing her PhD after she finishes up her masters here soon.

Some good news - Bank of America/Countrywide has decided to work with us and lower our interest rate on our home to a point where we can actually afford to stay here. We were thinking we would have to move and might face foreclosure - but alas, we're able to stay! We're still upside down on the house, but with a 3% interest rate locked in for 28 years, I'm not going to complain.

Amy came over for dinner tonight and we enjoyed talking about dating, revelation, and decision making. Amy and Kenny broke up, which probably upset Carly and I more than Amy - we really liked Kenny and thought he was great for her. But I think Amy might have some other ... (better?) prospects coming up. We're impressed with the 3 guys Amy has dated the past year. We have no doubt she'll pick a quality guy when the time is right for her. No rush. (We told her she's not even allowed to marry until she's 22... or was it 23 or 24?)

We're so happy to be parents - Braelynn has become such a joy to be around - smiling, cooing, blabbing - love it!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2 Down, and an Infinity to Go!

Our 2nd Anniversary certainly snuck up on us this year. The 1st year we went on a cruise, last year we went to San Diego, and this year...uh- well- the 3 of us grabbed some Chinese food at the food court and hung out at Barnes and Noble. Very romantic!

I just love being with Kent though. He is my best friend and my most favorite person to hang out with. He may think he falls behind a few others, but he is truly in 1st place!

When thinking back on this year of marriage, it seems that the majority of my memories are gobbled up by ELEAVA and the pregnancy, but so be it! Last year at this time we had big plans and this year we are looking to the future with a blank stare. It is amazing how life can get flipped upside down in an instant. I wouldn't change a thing though!

I love you Kent and I can't wait to see where we are next year, cause I have NO idea!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blessed Day(s)

We have had a FABULOUS week!

Last Saturday:

In the 3 Halloweens Kent and I have "celebrated" together, we haven't done anything for it. Well, this year we went to our friends', Brent and Anna's, for a party. We got dressed up and everything! I know "Togas" are a totally lame attempt at a costume, but when you have a 4 week old you are lucky to have a few minutes to wrap a sheet around you and put some ivy in your hair...or on your head in some people's case ;)


Braelynn put herself to sleep; in her crib; for the entire night; in her own room all by herself!!! All 4 of these events were a first and they all occurred on the same night. The best part is that she has continued every night since. I was afraid that sleeping in her car seat in the living room was going to be the norm for a very long time. What a sigh of relief!


Our ward had a Chili cook off and of course I entered. I love food and I love a little friendly competition as well :) I really liked the part when I went to get my crockpot, only to find 3 boys fighting over the last scoops and to hear another lady yell, "hey! I only want a taste- just a spoonful!"

*On a sadder note, I found out today that I lost to someone else who had used canned chili (I'm not a sore loser...the son told me how his dad "made" the chili- it's the honest to goodness truth!).


WE CLOSED ON THE SALE OF OUR COMPANY!!! Nothing more to be said here. :)


Braelynn was blessed by her daddy. It was so beautiful. She wore Kent's sister, Amy's, dress and looked absolutely beautiful. Amy and her adorable boyfriend, Kenny, came and so did our friend Mike, and Brenda and Trevor with Dashiel, and Christine and Brian with Brody. My parents were coming, but got a little turned around and just missed it- we got to hang out in the lobby during the rest of church and visit though.

Afterwards we had a luncheon at our place and got to visit with everyone.

It has truly been such a great week!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Month 1- phew!

My oh my, our little girl will be 1 month old tomorrow. I have officially fallen off the face of the planet during that time!

Kent and I are AwFuL about taking pictures...I think all of these photos are the ONLY ones we have taken :( The majority of them are from this past week.

Kent's mom came to visit and we had an absolute blast. She flew in on Friday and we got lunch with Amy and then that night we went and watched "The Sandlot" at Tempe Diablo Stadium, where the Angels play baseball. We also enjoyed a picnic during the movie.

Saturday we got a little adventurous and headed up to Sedona. Congratulations to Braelynn for surviving her 1st roadtrip! It was a long one due to construction. Why are the freeways always closed on the weekends? Dumb. BUT, we had another picnic and everyone hiked up Cathedral Rock. Braelynn and I attempted to take a nap in our little shady spot, but she had so much to look around at. We then headed to Camp Verde to get a quick visit with my Aunt April. She made the most delicious fruit salad, snickerdoodle cookies, and iced tea. It was the perfect treat to hold us over on the drive home. Did I mention I really HATE the freeways here? There is NO REASON that drive needs to be 3 hours. Ugh!

Sunday Braelynn and I went to church with the family. She did such a great job. She slept, then ate, and then slept some more. It was really nice to get back to church. I have certainly missed it.

Then yesterday, we all went down to Tucson to visit my parents. The afternoon went by so fast, but we all had a great time!

We have absolutely fallen in love with our little girl.

We love all of her little Gremlin sounds.
We love the way she folds her arms to rest her head when she sleeps on your chest.

We love (or at least we crack up everytime) her farts. She is the GASSIEST baby! LOL She just farted 15 times in the last 4 minutes!
We love her smiles- her whole face lights up.

We love her little fat rolls that she's getting.

We are not so in love with:

Her Colic :(
That she only sleeps about 10 hours a day (including night time)...aren't newborns supposed to sleep 16-18 hours a day?

Well, I think that's about it for the 1st month. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll start getting a little bit of my life back...just enough to update the blog at least!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The First Few Memories

How nice is this? A quiet morning with my baby sleeping nor am I breastfeeding at the moment :)

I just wanted to express how awesome it is to be a mom. One of my life "goals" was to feel the maternal love for a child, and after just a few short weeks I can attest that it is the greatest feeling in the world.

For the record, Braelynn's head smells better than any other baby's head. I love her little Gremlin sounds she makes when she's content. Kent and I have never laughed so hard as we do when she does her little chicken dance to tell us she is hungry. It is also so cute that she roots away from me and is too stubborn to let me help her find the food!

She brings so much joy to our home and we are so lucky to have her.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Making Up For Lost Time

*It will take you longer to read this post, than the amount of time I spent in Labor and Delivery*

I remember as a kid the following line...Our family would be running late for something and my mom would be on my dad about slowing the car down. My dad's reply was always, "Just trying to make up for lost time..."

So here we are WAITING for little miss Braelynn to show up, as she was running late...about 2 days late.

On Sunday night we had our friends Brian and Christine over for dinner and we played games into the evening. They headed out at about 9:30 and Christine suggested that I could try Jumping Jacks to help move the process along.

Kent and I decided to go for another walk and he teased me about the Jumping Jacks. I agreed to do 3 and felt like an absolute fool...9 months pregnant, 10 o'clock, and Jumping Jacks in the middle of the road. We had a good laugh, headed home and went to bed.

About an hour later I realized that this "I gotta go pee" feeling was a little rhythmic, so I started counting the time. Each sensation lasted about a minute and there was about 7-8 minutes in between each one. Hmmm...could these be contractions? I start poking Kent and say "I think I'm having contractions." He's a little dazed, but gives a smile. I then feel a little trickle, so I add in "And I think my water just broke!"

We start packing things up and I call my mom to let her know that we are heading to the hospital and to stay tuned. Kent made me some macaronni and cheese and I once again attempted to time the contractions. I started second guessing myself because one was 5 minutes apart and then another was 1.5, and then made no sense. I did know that they were quite strong though!

We pack the car full like we'll be gone for a week and head to Chandler Regional. We get into the hospital and let them know that we think we're going into labor. I'm still trying my pain management strategy of "it only lasts a minute and then you get a break. Suck it up and grin and bear it." The admission staff was quite impressed...that or they thought I was another faker.

We go into Triage and they hook me up to everything. The nurse still hasn't guaranteed that we would be admitted though, because she still needs to check my dilation. I'm at 5 1/2, so she says that we will be admitted, and that it usually takes about an hour/centimeter and then another 1-3 hours of pushing for first-timers. It was about 2 a.m., so I brace myself for a LONG morning.

At this point, I'm looking forward to the relief of my latest contraction, but no such luck! I immediately begin another contraction before the current one ends. This pattern continues and I start thinking, "okay, if there's no break between the contractions then I might want to go ahead with the Epidural. There's no way that I can handle this for a few hours before I even start pushing." I started to understand what the word, "hard" meant.

They take me to Labor and Delivery and I feel like I gotta push as they roll me into the room. I tell the nurses and they tell me that pushing time comes later. One nurse says, "you know, she's having a lot of contractions. We may just want to check her dilation."

Wouldn't you know it...I was at a 9! In 20 minutes I had gone from 5.5 to 9! The nurses then start moving a little more quickly and tell me if I feel like I have to push to go ahead and push.

They page the on-call Doctor and let me know that if I get an Epidural it would take about 15-20 minutes to get into my system OR I could have a baby in 15-20 minutes. I honestly had a hard time deciding and that's when my nurse pipes in "you don't want one and it's only going to make this last longer. You will have your baby in the next 15 minutes I promise." Okay we go!

I give a practice push and on my gosh, there's the head! They then tell me to really dig deep and give another push. I wanted to watch in the mirror, but as I'm watching this I'm saying "there's no freaking way I can do this." The nurses are saying "yes you can!" The doctor puts on her coat, sits down, I give 3 more pushes...and out pops our baby girl!

I still cannot believe how fast it all went. I was a celebrity there that day. I had nurses coming to my recovery room because, "they had to see who this girl was...!"

So, to tie it all together...Braelynn certainly made up for lost time!

Here are her stats:

Braelynn Michelle Burton

Birthday: September 21st, 2009 3:35 am
Hair: Black
Weight: 6 lbs 15 oz
Length: 19 inches

"She's short and she's skinny - but she's strong" (comment and video upload courtesy of Kent)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Gettin' Busy

D-day is officially here, and no baby yet! Bummer.

I've had lots of fun keeping myself busy though.

Project #1-

I MADE curtains for the nursery. For those of you that know my mom, she is a master seamstress. My idea of carrying on the family talent, is to call her and ask her to sew XYZ. However, now that I'm about to be a mom I am seeing the necessity for knowing how to sew.

Since I don't have a sewing machine, I had to improvise. Without getting too detailed, these curtains started out as a flat sheet and some ribbon. Wallah- you now have a pair of curtains. I still need to finish off the bows for the tie-backs, but other than that, they are done.

Project #2-

We already had set up the crib, but I needed to decide which bedding I would use. A friend of mine and her mom made a beautiful little blanket that sorta served as the inspiration for the room. I had been wanting to do a farm theme, but have decided on Pink, Yellow, and Green. I know that's not really a theme, but it is at least a color scheme :)

Project #3-

I haven't had very many contractions and so a friend of mine gave me some advice...get on your hands and knees and scrub the floor. It keeps your mind occupied for quite some time (especially with all of our tile) and the squatting position helps everyone get into position.

I decided to take this a step further and scrub the grout. I've never cleaned the grout specifically and now seemed like the perfect time. Oh my goodness...I didn't know that our grout was this color! Now that my grout is clean, I feel like I have been living in filth since the day we moved in. The grout had always been that darker color. Lemme tell ya...I am so glad I took this project on!

We had a doctor appointment yesterday. I only dilated another1/2 cm, but she's REALLY low and I'm quite ripe (thank you Evening Primrose Oil, and thank you Brenda!). I just need to have some contractions. I am trying to walk some more and apparently we can do other activities, but I'm not so excited to try that in my current state (sorry Kent)...we'll see what time brings though.

We'll keep everyone posted!