Saturday, December 19, 2009

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Oh my goodness gracious! Where have we been and what have we been doing over these last few weeks?

About a month ago, my dear friend, Christine, called asking if we would be able to watch her 5 month old son, Brody for a week. SURE! How hard could it be? 2, poop, nap. Got it! Well, let's just cover what my days were like.

Christine would drop Brody off at about 7 am. Braelynn would cry to eat and wake up Brody. Brody would see me feeding Braelynn and start crying to eat. I would lay down Braelynn and she would assume her typical spit-up routine. I was back and forth between her and warming up Brody's bottle, but Brody would cry reminding me I was not fast enough with the bottle. I would feed him and then lay him down on the floor. I would then try to play with them- tickling Braelynn with the right hand and rattling the toy for Brody with the left. Well, Braelynn at 2 months already knows what is hers (even though she has never once touched nor acknowledged her toys). She would then cry, so I'd pick her up. Brody didn't like this and would then cry. I lay Braelynn down and pick up Brody, who would stop crying...but then Braelynn would start again...and back and forth and back and forth until one of them would tire out and nap. I would then repeat the routine at about 10 am and continue until about 6:30 when Christine would pick up Brody.

By Friday I was wiped out! Unfortunately this was just to beginning of a very busy month.

Around Thanksgiving we put an offer in on a Publishing company down in Tucson. After some due diligence, negotiating, and whatnot, we closed on it! Whod-a-thunk we'd ever end up in this industry, but here we are! We have spent a few weeks down in Tucson training with the owners and it has been quite a bit of fun. Our first magazine will be distributed in February. Quite exciting!

In the midst of our training we also went to Houston for Christmas to see Kent's family. We had so much fun! We stayed at his Uncle Sam's house and ventured out to College Station for the annual Attaya family get together. It was so good to see everyone. We hadn't been there since Thanksgiving 2 years ago. The week was filled with board games, Wii, and tons of yummy food!

Braelynn has been full of fun surprises over the last few weeks as well. She has rolled over, started to laugh, and has really gotten interested in some toys. She is even able to hold herself up on her feet. Everyday she is more and more fun!

To celebrate New Year's today, we went on our 1st family hike. We ventured to the Superstition Mountains and went on a nice 4 mile hike. Braelynn did really well in her little backpack carrier thing. Once again, I am a failure at motherhood...our little 3 month old looks like a lobster! Apparently babies can get sunburns too :( Oops.

This week we will head back to Tucson to finish our training, and then we will get to come home!!! For good!!!


Tonia said...

It was fun to see you guys! Sounds like you had a good vacation!

Lanae said...

YEAH for pictures! I'm so glad you posted these; it's fun to see what everyone was doing over the holidays. Miss you guys.

Lanae said...

BTW: you're crazy and brave! Two infants? Brave. :-)