Sunday, September 28, 2008

Easy Rider

Friday -
Carly and I went to the ballet. It was free. I like free. Plus, classical music is just kinda classy too. Wasn't digging the guys in light yellow tights though. Yuk.

Saturday -
Carly and I just hung out around the house for the most part. It was nice just to be able to breathe a breath of fresh air again -- we've both been a bit stressed with work the past 3 weeks or so. She attended woman's conference with Jeanette, and we ended up going on a bike ride through some beautiful neighborhoods later that evening with Jeanette and Bryan. We're hoping to check out a few of the nicer homes before my supra key expires next week (Realtors use to get into homes; I'm not renewing b/c we don't use it that often). Played a couple games of pool at Bryan's too.

Sunday -
We taught the 14 year olds Sunday school -- great kids - really looking forward to teaching them in this my new calling (Carly has volunteered to help out) :). She was called as the ward bulletin specicalist, which fits her just perfectly. I think she likes it.

We're also having Amy and perhaps one or two of her roommates over for dinner tonight - Carly's making a roasted chicken, with potatoes, roles, and seasoned brown-sugar carrots. She's the best cook - I'll put money on her on our upcoming ward Chile Cookoff.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A little pre-thanksgiving...

Kent and I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Bishop's Storehouse today. We often discuss doing more service in our community, but have yet to really do anything about it. As family after family came in, we were their "escorts," guiding them through the store and helping them gather their foods and needed supplies.

It definitely touched my heart as I saw children and families walk through, but there was one family that particularly touched me. I could tell that they were very uncomfortable being there and not quite sure how to take it all in. I thought maybe I would talk with them a little bit, just so they felt a little more at ease. I learned that they had only been married just as short a time as Kent and me.

Their situation really, really made me realize how much I have to be grateful for. I honestly don't know how I would handle it- just starting out and not being able to make ends meet. Kent and I have really been trying to take the right steps with "emergency preparedness" and saving and budgeting, etc. I know that the Lord has definitely blessed us, and helped us along the way.

We've have also just learned that Kent's cousin Tiffany's 1 year old son unexpectedly passed away today. We want their family to know that our hearts and prayers are with them during this difficult time.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Family, Fun, and Puffs!

Well Kent and I had a great weekend as we went home to visit the family. We spent the day giggling with Chloe, rooting on the Packers, and destroying our loved ones at Ghetto Golf.

Chloe is just growing up so quickly. She is no longer a newborn and we have so much fun with her. Her favorite activities at the moment are babbling and bouncing, and of course being everyone's center of attention. Shawn and Chad and surely blessed to have such a beautiful baby girl.

I have the BEST mom in the world. She gave me a "Pancake Puff" skillet. I can not only make cream puffs, but I can make crab puffs, and cheese puffs, and any other kind of puff you could ask for. I look forward to having everyone over, so that I practice my perfect puffs :)

For the 1st time in my life I actually beat my brother at something! Kent and I destroyed Eddie and Kristen at Ghetto Golf. It was the happiest 5 minutes of my life, before my parents reminded Kent and I that we will always be in 2nd place :( Good thing Thanksgiving is around the corner and we can have the "Ghetto Golf Gobbler" and redeem our title.

Sadly, the time came when Kent and I had to leave. My brother is headed back to Georgia later this week and then he'll be off to Iraq for the 3rd time. It is always nice to see him, and I am grateful that we had the time to spend with him before he leaves. It was hard to say bye, but I know we will see him again soon.

Now we're back to starting another week and just itching for the next weekend to be here again!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh no...

Well, here I am. I have definitely become one of THOSE wives...I am now spening my evenings updating and playing around with my blog. It has been quite entertaining though. I have gotten to get a little creative and I have enjoyed looking at family and friends' postings as well.

Kent and I are really excited to start recording our lives and staying in better touch with everyone.

We have been busy here in the Burton household. Kent has his Broker classes just about everyday from 9-6. While he's there, I'm here doing my least favorite activity, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. I have just about driven the company into the ground and I suspect he'll fire me any day now. My plan is working just as I expected- ha ha ha! We do hope to have the Eleava brokerage up and running here in a few weeks though.

This has also been a monumental week as and are up and running. Finally! There has been a lot of blood and tears shed over the past few months, so it is nice to see the sales coming in :)

Kent and I are looking forward to going home this weekend to spend some time with my parents and my brother Eddie, who will be deploying AGAIN to Iraq in the next few weeks.

Well, I think I have spent enough time on here today and should be getting back to my wifely duties...tomorrow is grocery shopping day after all!