Sunday, September 28, 2008

Easy Rider

Friday -
Carly and I went to the ballet. It was free. I like free. Plus, classical music is just kinda classy too. Wasn't digging the guys in light yellow tights though. Yuk.

Saturday -
Carly and I just hung out around the house for the most part. It was nice just to be able to breathe a breath of fresh air again -- we've both been a bit stressed with work the past 3 weeks or so. She attended woman's conference with Jeanette, and we ended up going on a bike ride through some beautiful neighborhoods later that evening with Jeanette and Bryan. We're hoping to check out a few of the nicer homes before my supra key expires next week (Realtors use to get into homes; I'm not renewing b/c we don't use it that often). Played a couple games of pool at Bryan's too.

Sunday -
We taught the 14 year olds Sunday school -- great kids - really looking forward to teaching them in this my new calling (Carly has volunteered to help out) :). She was called as the ward bulletin specicalist, which fits her just perfectly. I think she likes it.

We're also having Amy and perhaps one or two of her roommates over for dinner tonight - Carly's making a roasted chicken, with potatoes, roles, and seasoned brown-sugar carrots. She's the best cook - I'll put money on her on our upcoming ward Chile Cookoff.

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Amy said...

mmm...that was delicious :) i would say putting your money on Carly's cooking is definitely a safe bet