Sunday, October 5, 2008

Baby, it's cool outside!

What a sigh of relief! We finally feel "fall" in the air. The weatherman had been toying with us all week, promising cooler weather by the it was only in the 80s!

We celebrated the cooler weather by staying indoors all weekend. It was our church's semi-annual conference, so we have been parked on the couch for the last 2 days. We had a variety of good friends over and plenty of snacks to sustain us. We enjoyed the wonderful messages shared and are looking forward to making the changes we would like to make in our lives.

Kent will be taking an exam this week to continue forth with getting his Broker's License. I am sure he will do just great as he has flown through the practice exams with flying colors! Kent will also be giving his 7th Toastmaster's speech this week...maybe it's about time I do my Icebreaker! We will also be meeting with a Marketing/PR/Even Planner this week, to start gearing up for the official launch of Eleava...I know what you are thinking..."But Carly, isn't that what you have a degree in?" Yes, but I HATE Property Management, so I'll stick with the "supportive wife" role on this one. :)

In coordination with this crisp fall weather I've prepared a stew for dinner, which is needing my attention. We hope everyone has a wonderful week and we will catch up with you soon!


Natalie said...

Haha I like how relative "cooler weather" and "fall" are! We've been thinking the same thing here, only for us that's a high in the mid 70's with the temperature dropping into the low 50's at night. We leave the windows open at night and sometimes all day. In Belize as soon as the temperature dropped below 80, the locals were out in sweaters and turtlenecks while the Americans still wore shorts. Still, I do love the fall.

Lanae said...

Ahh.. beautiful fall weather. We've had some amazing weather here, but it's supposed to be cold this weekend. Maybe we can all move in with you for the next 6 months??
We miss you guys and can't wait to see you in Dec.

Natalie said...

Kent, congrats on your exam. You're a sharp shooter! Miss you guys,

Kent and Carly Burton said...

Yes, they are rather relative terms! Kent and I take walks every morning and this morning we had to turn back because my flip flops weren't keeping my feet warm enough. To me, that's cold. The sad part was that it was only like 65!