Monday, October 13, 2008

Life is good!

Kent and I have truly enjoyed just about every moment of this past week. We met with a PR goddess, Christina Jordan, twice this week. She has some amazing ideas and is really putting Eleava on steroids. Kent and I have talked it over and decided that we will let her do the PR, but since I thoroughly enjoy creating company images, I will get to handle that part. I'm really excited to get back into Publisher as it has been a while!

Kent also took his school's broker exam and passed with a 93%. This coming Friday is the big state and national exam. Many people find the school test to be harder than the actual exam, so I am sure he will do great!

We've been talking so much over the past year about what we would like to do with our landscaping, or lack there of...This past week we looked at some Citrus trees and once again, planned to "talk it over" Well, my Honeymuffin tried to pull a fast one on me, and bought the trees! I was so surprised when I found the receipt. We now have a lemon, grapefruit, and tangelo tree in our backyard. We also "invested" in 6 rose bushes. On Friday we sat outside for a good hour wondering why we haven't done any of this sooner!

I also got to hang out with one of my most favorite little kids on Tuesday, "Sauce the Boss" (Sauce is his family nick-name, and he LOVES Bruce Springsteen- the Boss) as I affectionately like to call him. I nannied Scotty for about 2 years and while we only live about a mile away from each other, I don't see him very often. We had red beans and rice, he showed me some of his Karate forms, and we watched "Elf." It was also nice to have a little visit with Joan, a little too brief, but it was nice.

On Saturday we went to Tucson to celebrate my step-dad's birthday. We trekked over to El Mariachi, which ended up being a complete bust. Ken had called in the morning to make a reservation and upon our arrival we learned that the restaurant was closed for remodeling. However, the cook offered to come in and open up for the 6 of thank you. We ended up eating at a little place close to their home, called Mosaic. It was absolutely delicious and we had so much fun visiting with everyone and playing with Chloe.

I hope this week is just as pleasant as the last. We hope everyone is doing well!

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Lanae said...

Sounds like you guys are having tons of fun. Wish we were just a bit closer so we could do more with you guys.
But Christmas is near! We are really looking forward to seeing you guys.