Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Couldn't help myself...

So today I had a Doctor appointment (I gained 1 pound- woo hoo!). BUT it got me thinking about what our little one will actually look like.

I've seen some scary ones but I don't think these little babies look so bad...I know I'm a little partial though :)

What do you think about my little new baby Brooklynn Paige?
MakeMeBabies.com - What will your baby look like?

What do you think about my little new baby Brigham James?
MakeMeBabies.com - What will your baby look like?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sticky Situations

Well, it has certainly been a while since I have been on here! After this weekend everything is FINALLY settling down- phew!

On Thursday, Cassie flew back into town and we had 1 last hoorah with Jeanette before she was sealed on Friday morning. That night Cassie and her friend Craig and Kent and I went bowling. It was a lot of fun and I won the 1st game so I at least had a great time ;) Then on the last game ALL OF US beat Kent so the night got even better!

Friday morning we got up and headed over to the Mesa Temple for Jeanette's sealing. Anyone who knows Jeanette knows that she is ALWAYS glowing and excited- well, she was even more. The sealing was nice and short and it was entertaining hearing Jeanette say, "YES!" 3 or 4 times before the actual end of the question. I love her so much!!!

Afterwards was a luncheon at Bryan's mom's home. They had a Mexican fiesta was lots of yummy food and cute decor. It was then time to say goodbye to our sweet little bride, but we would see her the next day at her reception.

That night Cassie, her friend Dave, Kent and I went to the Biltmore Fashion Park to watch a move in the park. It was the Godfather and Kent was really the only one watching it. It was just so nice to be outside though and eat our picnic. We will definitely do that one again!

Then Saturday morning it was Kent's turn to have the spotlight. A few weeks ago he won the 1st round of competition for Toastmaster's and the 2nd round was this weekend. He was the 1st speaker and he did a really good job. Unfortunately he won't be moving on, but Cassie and I are super proud of him.

This where things got sticky...litterally. Jeanette's theme for her wedding was "Ice Cream" and instead of having a wedding cake she was having a wedding ice cream cone-cupcake tower. Cute idea...and last weekend when your's truly experimented with it, it came out perfectly. However on the D-day the cones cracked in the oven and the cupcakes looked like dried out batter as opposed to fluffy morsels of sweetness. The frosting that I had created a week ago decided to not  stand up for the occasion and it was just one big mess. 

Since Kent hates seeing me cry, he offered a suggestion of buying some cupcakes at the store and stuffing the cones with them. Perfect! I head over to Albertson's where I found some adorable cupcakes with cherries on top- even better- I wouldn't have to do that myself! 

Cassie and I then spend the next few hours constructing the most beautiful ice cream cone-cupcakes and started putting them on the tower. It looked wonderful and we were so excited! We decided to put it in a box for easy transport....bad idea...as we were lowering it, cupcakes came crashing down :(

So we all attempt to pile in the car when things really got messy...a Mr. Burton was so frustrated with seeing me upset that he said he was just gonna smash them. I only half believed him until he actually did it.

Thank goodness Cassie was with us as I did not want a witness to the horrible acts I wanted to place upon my husband- however she probably would have helped burry the body and not tell a soul...but I think it's best that we remained as "calm" as we did. By the time we go to the Reception we were mostly laughing (I was still crying though).

Kent then walked in 1st and I guess Jeanette was pretty horrified when she saw the pan of smashed cupcakes. Kent told her things did not go well and that I was upset and we were all very sorry. Cassie then walks in with the tower of remaining "nice" looking desserts and Jeanette squeals "Oh- you were joking! Haha! You're funny." I then had to break the news to her and convince her that it was not a joke and that we were truly VERY SORRY. 

She nor her mom really cared and together we were able to set up a semi-presentable cupcake tower.

Her reception was absolutely beautiful and it was so nice to see Jeanette one last time! We also went to my friend Julie's reception which was just as beautiful. Julie looked so happy and it was so good to see her as well.

Then we headed home. While cleaning up I looked at the box of cupcake cones and found a very valuable purchase that could have possibly saved us:

Too bad there won't be a next time though!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wedding Bells!

Let the games begin! Kent and I have a very busy month ahead of us with weddings and the all the fun began this weekend. Well, I call it fun...

On Friday one of my very best friends, Cassie, flew into town from Boston. She also brought along her friend Brice who we absolutely love. Jeanette and I picked them up and we had so much fun visiting and reliving memories at some of our favorite spots.

Saturday morning I hosted Jeanette's shower. I'd been feeling pretty crappy and felt bad (I offered to throw her a shower the week before I found out I was prego, so I didn't get to spend as much time getting everything together as I would have liked). However, it went great! Jeanette's dad took so many great photos of the 3 of us and I cannot wait to post them! The theme was "picnic baskets" and we had a picnic in the park. There was not a cloud in the sky and it was about 70- just perfect!

Then later that day we all headed to our friend Cori's reception. It was held at a club on a skyrise in downtown Phoenix. We stuffed ourselves with Gelato and enjoyed the great views of the city. Once again...can't wait to get those photos to post!

Afterwards we headed to Scottsdale and had dinner at Oregano's Pizza and then headed to Jeanett'e apartment to just chill. I wanted to cry as it was probably the last time Jeanette, Cassie, and I will just get to hang out...Jeanette is moving to L.A. and Cassie lives in Boston :( Once again...we took great photos!

So we had Cori's wedding this weekend, next weekend no weddings, and then on the 21st is Jeanette's and Julie's- phew! 

This past week we also had our 1st ultrasound which was kinda neat. The baby was bouncing all around and stretched out their little arms like they were waving. We couldn't believe how clear it came out...most of the time you just see a little blob...but we can see it's little cheeks and everything. 

So, so far everything looks good. Sigh of relief!

Kent also competed in an area competition for Toastmasters yesterday and won...so now we're on our way to the next level. I was sorry to have missed it, but obviously he still did well! Good job honey muffin!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Past, Present, and Future!

So I'm feeling kida bleh tonight and was just crusin' around the internet when I came upon this and thought it looked mildly entertaining

Past, Present, and Future!

20 years ago- 1989
1- I had just turned 7
2- My 1st grade teacher was Mr. Smith
3- We had to go to Field Day and I HATED it. I remember thinking, "do we really have to do this every year?" Then they gave us Otter Pops and I figured I could stick it out another 5 years.
4- Emily and I were in the same class and we are still friends today. I also went all the way through High School with most people from that class.

10 years ago- 1999
1- I was a Sophmore in High School
2- I was completely obsessed with X-Files and that was basically all my friends and I did.
3- We had a student exchange girl, Susanne, stay with us. It was so much fun!!!
4- This was the last year that I did gymnastics.

5 years ago- 2003
1- I was Honored Queen of my Bethel
2- I was getting ready to move up to ASU and was SUPER excited!
3- I was serving as a Ward Missionary and decided to prepare to go on a mission
4- This was probably the happiest, greatest, most successful, cherished year of my life

3 years ago- 2006
1- I survived 2005, the worst year of my life
2- I graduated from ASU
3- I moved to Chandler and lived with Jeanette
4- I met the man that I would marry a year later

1 year ag0- 2008
1- I just started working at University of Phoenix- yuck!
2- Kent was released from teaching Sunbeams...yet I had to stick around (he liked the calling and I hated it, so I guess the Lord decided I still needed to learn a lesson).
3- Chloe was born; preparing my mom for Grandmotherhood
4- Kent and I thought we had a pregnancy scare- we were relieved to find that I was JUST late, but a little bummed.

So far this year I...
1- Got pregnant
2- Grew some boobs
3- Got my Real Estate License
4- Gave a really good Toastmasters speech about Meal Planning

Yesterday I...
1- Made a really yummy Pina Colada smoothie
2- Had our 1st ultrasound and saw that we are in fact having a real baby. He was bouncing all around and waved his little "hand" at us. It was so cute!
3- Watched the movie, "Emma Smith"...actually Kent had it on and I slept through it.
4- Pulled a bunch of weeds in the backyard and spruced up the rose bushes. ONE bush has 21 rose buds on it!!!

Today I...
1- Slept in with Kent before going to Toastmasters
2- Went to Relief Society Scripture Class
3- Picked up checks at the office, went to the bank, and delivered keys
4- Cooked steak for dinner. It was the 1st time I cooked meat in almost 2 months.

Tomorrow I...
1- Am planning to have lunch with Joan
2- Have a meeting with Kent and a potential agent at the office
3- Will go grocery shopping and pick up stuff for Jeanette's Shower
4- Pass out around 7 pm cause I still feel quite drained at the end of the day

This year I...
1- Will survive child birth
2- Will not gain or will lose 100% of my baby weight
3- Will go to Yosemite for one last vacation with Kent before having a baby. 
4- Will be a better yard keeper and work on my "gardening" skills.

Let's see...I tag...