Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Past, Present, and Future!

So I'm feeling kida bleh tonight and was just crusin' around the internet when I came upon this and thought it looked mildly entertaining

Past, Present, and Future!

20 years ago- 1989
1- I had just turned 7
2- My 1st grade teacher was Mr. Smith
3- We had to go to Field Day and I HATED it. I remember thinking, "do we really have to do this every year?" Then they gave us Otter Pops and I figured I could stick it out another 5 years.
4- Emily and I were in the same class and we are still friends today. I also went all the way through High School with most people from that class.

10 years ago- 1999
1- I was a Sophmore in High School
2- I was completely obsessed with X-Files and that was basically all my friends and I did.
3- We had a student exchange girl, Susanne, stay with us. It was so much fun!!!
4- This was the last year that I did gymnastics.

5 years ago- 2003
1- I was Honored Queen of my Bethel
2- I was getting ready to move up to ASU and was SUPER excited!
3- I was serving as a Ward Missionary and decided to prepare to go on a mission
4- This was probably the happiest, greatest, most successful, cherished year of my life

3 years ago- 2006
1- I survived 2005, the worst year of my life
2- I graduated from ASU
3- I moved to Chandler and lived with Jeanette
4- I met the man that I would marry a year later

1 year ag0- 2008
1- I just started working at University of Phoenix- yuck!
2- Kent was released from teaching Sunbeams...yet I had to stick around (he liked the calling and I hated it, so I guess the Lord decided I still needed to learn a lesson).
3- Chloe was born; preparing my mom for Grandmotherhood
4- Kent and I thought we had a pregnancy scare- we were relieved to find that I was JUST late, but a little bummed.

So far this year I...
1- Got pregnant
2- Grew some boobs
3- Got my Real Estate License
4- Gave a really good Toastmasters speech about Meal Planning

Yesterday I...
1- Made a really yummy Pina Colada smoothie
2- Had our 1st ultrasound and saw that we are in fact having a real baby. He was bouncing all around and waved his little "hand" at us. It was so cute!
3- Watched the movie, "Emma Smith"...actually Kent had it on and I slept through it.
4- Pulled a bunch of weeds in the backyard and spruced up the rose bushes. ONE bush has 21 rose buds on it!!!

Today I...
1- Slept in with Kent before going to Toastmasters
2- Went to Relief Society Scripture Class
3- Picked up checks at the office, went to the bank, and delivered keys
4- Cooked steak for dinner. It was the 1st time I cooked meat in almost 2 months.

Tomorrow I...
1- Am planning to have lunch with Joan
2- Have a meeting with Kent and a potential agent at the office
3- Will go grocery shopping and pick up stuff for Jeanette's Shower
4- Pass out around 7 pm cause I still feel quite drained at the end of the day

This year I...
1- Will survive child birth
2- Will not gain or will lose 100% of my baby weight
3- Will go to Yosemite for one last vacation with Kent before having a baby. 
4- Will be a better yard keeper and work on my "gardening" skills.

Let's see...I tag...

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