Monday, June 27, 2011

Shooter McGavin

Things around here have been crazy since...well, for a while I'd say. We've been so busy I feel like I've barely gotten to spend any time with Brooke. I feel this way until I remember that she still sleeps 18-20 hours a day. I've tried to slow down a little though and learn a little more about her.

She is just so precious. An absolute sweetheart. She barely makes a peep. She lets Braelynn poke, prod, and knock her around with a shoe without so much as a little cry for help. She definitely has a "little sister" scream though. If she loses something like a binky or food, she lets you know how she feels!

She may be little, but she's mighty. So much so, that we've affectionately nicknamed her "Shooter McGavin" (Happy Gilmore). Stuff flies out of both ends with such speed, force, and distance!

She has started to smile in the past few weeks. It's a very shy smile though, and I have yet to capture it on camera.

Braelynn is probably her favorite person. She watches her every move, and seems to be learning from her. Braelynn is also very loving and protective of her. She is the official "Binky Replacer."

Her 2 month mark was on Sunday, and yesterday she went in for a check-up. She tips the scale at 10lbs 7 oz (38th), and is 22 inches (17th).

I'll try to get some photos this week of her...key word, try.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Kent should be having an extra-nice Father's Day as he is toast after moving all day was 106 in the shade. I say "in the shade" because I dared not to venture out into the sun yesterday. I have no room to complain about the move.

We had 8 guys from church show up, and it took them less than 2 hours to clear out our old house and get everything into our new house. I don't know if I should be appreciative or insulted that they got us out that quickly ;)

We are absolutely loving our new house. Every time we turn a corner, we shout "Oh my gosh! Look at this! This is my new favorite!"

So my new, and final favorite is the treat up in the loft. We live in South Chandler with lots of fields, farms, and livestock of all sorts. We've considered buying land on the county island, and play the "what if we lived on a ranch?" game. Way too much work though. So, living down here is a great compromise! We get to look at everything, and enjoy the slow-paced lifestyle.

Ok...back to my favorite spot...Our new house overlooks some fields, or pastures, or whatever they are called. Yesterday I plopped myself down on the couch in the loft, right under the A/C vent, and looked out the window. And, that's it! A/C, horses, mountain views. LOVING IT!

It gets better though, and it ties into Father's Day. When I was a little girl, my dad would wake me up really early on the weekends, get donuts, and we would go "chase balloons." A company would send off Hot Air Balloons and we would go watch them take off, follow them, and watch them land. It is one of my most favorite memories.

This morning Brooke woke up at 5:30. I sat on the couch in the loft with her, and gazed out the window. The sun was rising over the mountains, the horses were out, and a Hot Air Balloon was taking off from the field just behind us. It was like a little visit from my Dad. What a way to start a new day, in my new house, in my new favorite spot. It's now my favorite spot for 2 reasons.

Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Wallowing" In Show Low

My parents have started this family tradition of leaving for the summer...something about it being too hot here and since they are old (I mean retired), they can just up and leave. They must realize how boring life can be without kids, granddaughters, and grandpuppies because they invite us along!
Last year they wanted to start having everyone meet up in the white mountains. It was a lot of fun and we were so excited to go again this year.

We were planning to go to Hawley Lake, but for some reason they changed their mind and settled on Fools Hollow. Good thing they did, because the Wallow Fire was in that area and it was evacuated the same weekend we would've been there.

The temperature was nice and cool, and it was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone. It was way too windy to go boating or kayaking though, and way to dry to have a fire...luckily Kenny had his Droid with a fire App and we all sat around it one night pretending it was a nice cozy fire!

While Chloe and Braelynn liked playing in the dirt, all the little girls decided sleeping outside is NOT for them...the 2nd night, 10 of us + 2 pack & plays ended up in my parents 5th wheel...nice and cozy!
Can't wait to do it again next year! Hopefully we'll be able to have a campfire though :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A New Addition...

Our family just seems to keep growing- we bought a new house!


We LOVE our current home, but we were starting to feel a little like sardines in here. It was a great starter home, but we needed another bedroom. Our 3 bedrooms, is cut short because of the office. Braelynn and Brooke would be sharing a room, which isn't a problem...but can get a little too cozy.

For about a month we were putting bids on homes at the foreclosure auction. It was a lot of fun. We would get a list, drive around and pick our favorites, and then put in the bids. We came close on some, but one day our bidder called and told us it was between us and another guy and the auctioneer was still quite aways from our limit. All of a sudden it was ours! That's when the drama began as you have 24 hours to PAY FULL PRICE...I'll save you the gore, swear words, and blood...just know that it all worked out :)

So what are the stats?

It's still here in South Chandler...about 2 miles from where we are currently at (a new ward though).

3,330 sqft
5 Bedrooms + Loft
3 Bathrooms
Formal Family and Dining Rooms
3 Car Garage
AmAzInG Backyard with a huge playset, 2 vegetable gardens, 6 fruit trees, a rose garden, grass, and extended patio...right now it's all dead and covered with weeds, but give it time.

Here is the "before" video. I'll be sure to post the "after" video when we get a little more settled.

I had to do it in 2 parts, so you'll see the downstairs and then upstairs.