Monday, June 27, 2011

Shooter McGavin

Things around here have been crazy since...well, for a while I'd say. We've been so busy I feel like I've barely gotten to spend any time with Brooke. I feel this way until I remember that she still sleeps 18-20 hours a day. I've tried to slow down a little though and learn a little more about her.

She is just so precious. An absolute sweetheart. She barely makes a peep. She lets Braelynn poke, prod, and knock her around with a shoe without so much as a little cry for help. She definitely has a "little sister" scream though. If she loses something like a binky or food, she lets you know how she feels!

She may be little, but she's mighty. So much so, that we've affectionately nicknamed her "Shooter McGavin" (Happy Gilmore). Stuff flies out of both ends with such speed, force, and distance!

She has started to smile in the past few weeks. It's a very shy smile though, and I have yet to capture it on camera.

Braelynn is probably her favorite person. She watches her every move, and seems to be learning from her. Braelynn is also very loving and protective of her. She is the official "Binky Replacer."

Her 2 month mark was on Sunday, and yesterday she went in for a check-up. She tips the scale at 10lbs 7 oz (38th), and is 22 inches (17th).

I'll try to get some photos this week of her...key word, try.

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