Sunday, July 3, 2011


I know blog posts without photos are here are oodles of pictures. We're still just busy painting, unpacking, and working on other odds & ends around here. More adventures to come. In the meantime...

Braelynn has finally decided she likes to hold her baby sister. She has really become quite the helper!

Whenever she wants to hold her she does the sign for "more" and repeats it over and over. I have no idea why she associates this word with it.

We've been getting to spend A LOT of time in our Jammies. When mommy & daddy are painting for hours and hours all time is lost. Less laundry :)

Here's our sweet girl, Brooke.

Her personality is really starting to show. The past few days she has started to smile quite a bit, and just seems to be so happy to be here. Yeah!

When we 1st bought paint for our house, we thought we bought too much so we decided to get a little creative and do 2 colors in the formal dining and formal family rooms with a chair rail...17 gallons of paint later we finally got to the chair rail. We really enjoyed doing this project together, and are really pleased with the results.

Can't wait to start on curtains! Actually, I can...we didn't budget for 17 gallons of paint.

***Disclaimer*** Behr Paint & Primer-in-one doesn't do so well with 1 coat like they say.


------------------------------- said...

Amen on the Paint & Primer in one. We tried that in our living room. NO WAY. I ended up with 5 coats. Good thing it was a small room!


Tonia said...

Love the colors you chose. Good work guys!