Monday, March 23, 2009

Sticky Situations

Well, it has certainly been a while since I have been on here! After this weekend everything is FINALLY settling down- phew!

On Thursday, Cassie flew back into town and we had 1 last hoorah with Jeanette before she was sealed on Friday morning. That night Cassie and her friend Craig and Kent and I went bowling. It was a lot of fun and I won the 1st game so I at least had a great time ;) Then on the last game ALL OF US beat Kent so the night got even better!

Friday morning we got up and headed over to the Mesa Temple for Jeanette's sealing. Anyone who knows Jeanette knows that she is ALWAYS glowing and excited- well, she was even more. The sealing was nice and short and it was entertaining hearing Jeanette say, "YES!" 3 or 4 times before the actual end of the question. I love her so much!!!

Afterwards was a luncheon at Bryan's mom's home. They had a Mexican fiesta was lots of yummy food and cute decor. It was then time to say goodbye to our sweet little bride, but we would see her the next day at her reception.

That night Cassie, her friend Dave, Kent and I went to the Biltmore Fashion Park to watch a move in the park. It was the Godfather and Kent was really the only one watching it. It was just so nice to be outside though and eat our picnic. We will definitely do that one again!

Then Saturday morning it was Kent's turn to have the spotlight. A few weeks ago he won the 1st round of competition for Toastmaster's and the 2nd round was this weekend. He was the 1st speaker and he did a really good job. Unfortunately he won't be moving on, but Cassie and I are super proud of him.

This where things got sticky...litterally. Jeanette's theme for her wedding was "Ice Cream" and instead of having a wedding cake she was having a wedding ice cream cone-cupcake tower. Cute idea...and last weekend when your's truly experimented with it, it came out perfectly. However on the D-day the cones cracked in the oven and the cupcakes looked like dried out batter as opposed to fluffy morsels of sweetness. The frosting that I had created a week ago decided to not  stand up for the occasion and it was just one big mess. 

Since Kent hates seeing me cry, he offered a suggestion of buying some cupcakes at the store and stuffing the cones with them. Perfect! I head over to Albertson's where I found some adorable cupcakes with cherries on top- even better- I wouldn't have to do that myself! 

Cassie and I then spend the next few hours constructing the most beautiful ice cream cone-cupcakes and started putting them on the tower. It looked wonderful and we were so excited! We decided to put it in a box for easy transport....bad we were lowering it, cupcakes came crashing down :(

So we all attempt to pile in the car when things really got messy...a Mr. Burton was so frustrated with seeing me upset that he said he was just gonna smash them. I only half believed him until he actually did it.

Thank goodness Cassie was with us as I did not want a witness to the horrible acts I wanted to place upon my husband- however she probably would have helped burry the body and not tell a soul...but I think it's best that we remained as "calm" as we did. By the time we go to the Reception we were mostly laughing (I was still crying though).

Kent then walked in 1st and I guess Jeanette was pretty horrified when she saw the pan of smashed cupcakes. Kent told her things did not go well and that I was upset and we were all very sorry. Cassie then walks in with the tower of remaining "nice" looking desserts and Jeanette squeals "Oh- you were joking! Haha! You're funny." I then had to break the news to her and convince her that it was not a joke and that we were truly VERY SORRY. 

She nor her mom really cared and together we were able to set up a semi-presentable cupcake tower.

Her reception was absolutely beautiful and it was so nice to see Jeanette one last time! We also went to my friend Julie's reception which was just as beautiful. Julie looked so happy and it was so good to see her as well.

Then we headed home. While cleaning up I looked at the box of cupcake cones and found a very valuable purchase that could have possibly saved us:

Too bad there won't be a next time though!

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Jacob and DeaAnna said...

How cute!! tell janette congrats fo me it has been a while, since I have seen her.