Monday, September 22, 2008

Family, Fun, and Puffs!

Well Kent and I had a great weekend as we went home to visit the family. We spent the day giggling with Chloe, rooting on the Packers, and destroying our loved ones at Ghetto Golf.

Chloe is just growing up so quickly. She is no longer a newborn and we have so much fun with her. Her favorite activities at the moment are babbling and bouncing, and of course being everyone's center of attention. Shawn and Chad and surely blessed to have such a beautiful baby girl.

I have the BEST mom in the world. She gave me a "Pancake Puff" skillet. I can not only make cream puffs, but I can make crab puffs, and cheese puffs, and any other kind of puff you could ask for. I look forward to having everyone over, so that I practice my perfect puffs :)

For the 1st time in my life I actually beat my brother at something! Kent and I destroyed Eddie and Kristen at Ghetto Golf. It was the happiest 5 minutes of my life, before my parents reminded Kent and I that we will always be in 2nd place :( Good thing Thanksgiving is around the corner and we can have the "Ghetto Golf Gobbler" and redeem our title.

Sadly, the time came when Kent and I had to leave. My brother is headed back to Georgia later this week and then he'll be off to Iraq for the 3rd time. It is always nice to see him, and I am grateful that we had the time to spend with him before he leaves. It was hard to say bye, but I know we will see him again soon.

Now we're back to starting another week and just itching for the next weekend to be here again!

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Welcome Sisters! said...

Hey Kent and Carly,
I just found your blog.. it's pretty late but I just can't sleep tonight...thus, I found your blog. :-)
I'm sure you've heard; Tiff lost her little boy, Jackson, yesterday afternoon. I'm still in shock I guess, I'm sure we all will be for a while. Please keep Tiff and her family in your prayers. Love you guys so much.