Friday, January 15, 2010


For everyone who knows Kent, this statement may seem a little obvious to you. My Husband LOVES to read. I'm not saying that he picks out ONE book and reads for 30 minutes in the evening, or brings ONE book on vacation, or anything "normal" like that. He reads for about 2 hours in the morning, does a little catch-up reading in the afternoon, and is usually back at the books for an hour or 2 at night. Please don't think for 1 second that he breaks away from the books when we're in the car...because we always have plenty of books on CD (thank you City of Chandler libraries).

Reading is a good thing. Books taking over my house are NOT. We are both very clean people and do not like clutter. However, Kent also has a thing about germs, and therefore the Library books CANNOT touch his books. This is how they tend to spread.

We recently moved the book shelf from the office into our bedroom, only because he promised to move the books scattered around his night stand onto the bookshelf and we would no longer have the clutter.

Nice book shelf:

The books that have "wormed" their way back onto the night stand:

The "Germy" books:

He usually leaves a trail of books in the office, the bathroom, and my car as well.

As long as you're happy honey... and we love you!

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Lanae said...

That's so funny! We (Jared and I) find time to read on the road, that's about it! Most days I wrap things up and it's way past my bedtime, so I really don't know how people find the time.
But that's great, I know Kent's always trying to learn and expand his mind. BTW: my little niece is getting so big (and so cute!) I hope I can see her soon.