Friday, September 18, 2009

Gettin' Busy

D-day is officially here, and no baby yet! Bummer.

I've had lots of fun keeping myself busy though.

Project #1-

I MADE curtains for the nursery. For those of you that know my mom, she is a master seamstress. My idea of carrying on the family talent, is to call her and ask her to sew XYZ. However, now that I'm about to be a mom I am seeing the necessity for knowing how to sew.

Since I don't have a sewing machine, I had to improvise. Without getting too detailed, these curtains started out as a flat sheet and some ribbon. Wallah- you now have a pair of curtains. I still need to finish off the bows for the tie-backs, but other than that, they are done.

Project #2-

We already had set up the crib, but I needed to decide which bedding I would use. A friend of mine and her mom made a beautiful little blanket that sorta served as the inspiration for the room. I had been wanting to do a farm theme, but have decided on Pink, Yellow, and Green. I know that's not really a theme, but it is at least a color scheme :)

Project #3-

I haven't had very many contractions and so a friend of mine gave me some advice...get on your hands and knees and scrub the floor. It keeps your mind occupied for quite some time (especially with all of our tile) and the squatting position helps everyone get into position.

I decided to take this a step further and scrub the grout. I've never cleaned the grout specifically and now seemed like the perfect time. Oh my goodness...I didn't know that our grout was this color! Now that my grout is clean, I feel like I have been living in filth since the day we moved in. The grout had always been that darker color. Lemme tell ya...I am so glad I took this project on!

We had a doctor appointment yesterday. I only dilated another1/2 cm, but she's REALLY low and I'm quite ripe (thank you Evening Primrose Oil, and thank you Brenda!). I just need to have some contractions. I am trying to walk some more and apparently we can do other activities, but I'm not so excited to try that in my current state (sorry Kent)...we'll see what time brings though.

We'll keep everyone posted!


The McCooks said...

anyday? wow. that went by fast, probably not for you. You need to post some pictures of your pregnant belly. Good luck, we are excited for you!

Natalie (and Chad) said...

I agree - I want to see some belly shots. ;) But really, I sympathize with ya - I was 2 cm dilated and Sakura was in position 2 weeks before my due date and no contractions for a whole nother week. Are you going to set an induction date if the kid doesn't come here soon?

Lanae said...

She'll be here any day! It seems like by the time I was a 2, I'd go into labor within a few days. Well, other than Austin. That kid just came a wee bit too eary. So I don't even know if I was dialated.. but I'm sure she'll be here soon. Keep us posted!

Tonia said...

'Other activities' Carly, you are a crack up. Good luck when the time comes. We can tell by the post that the nesting syndrome is in full swing with this kid!