Thursday, September 3, 2009

Woo Hoo!

I just got back from my weekly doctor appointment and we could be holding our little girl any day now!

I am dilated 2 cm and he could feel her head (I think that is the coolest!). My doctor said that she is really, really low and in a good position.

We made an appointment for next week, but he said to be prepared to see him before then. I guess sometimes just checking is enough to stir things up. Yikes- I want just a few more days!

Somehow I made it through 9 months without getting sick and yesterday I woke up with a cold. That is the last thing I want while giving birth.

I have had a few little contractions here and there over the last few weeks, but nothing to really sneeze at. However, in the middle of last night I had 2 big ones, that literally woke me up and knocked me outta bed...I guess that's where the 2 cm came from!

It has been really nice to focus on baby stuff now that WE HAVE OUR COMPANY BACK!!!!!! I guess ADRE got sick of having a 9 month pregnant lady coming in every day. Tuesday afternoon I felt the weight of the world lift off my shoulders. I am so glad that everything went so smoothly. It really could've gotten a lot uglier.'s nice to have a few nice stress free days before our world gets turned all around again :)

We'll keep you posted!


Marissa said...

How exciting! That's great! The little one is going to be so adorable!

Love you! and so excited about seeing pictures :)

Lanae said...

Oh, I'm so glad! I've been thinking about you guys a lot lately and I'm so happy that things are getting better. Take care of yourself these next few days... can't wait for the big news!!