Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blessed Day(s)

We have had a FABULOUS week!

Last Saturday:

In the 3 Halloweens Kent and I have "celebrated" together, we haven't done anything for it. Well, this year we went to our friends', Brent and Anna's, for a party. We got dressed up and everything! I know "Togas" are a totally lame attempt at a costume, but when you have a 4 week old you are lucky to have a few minutes to wrap a sheet around you and put some ivy in your hair...or on your head in some people's case ;)


Braelynn put herself to sleep; in her crib; for the entire night; in her own room all by herself!!! All 4 of these events were a first and they all occurred on the same night. The best part is that she has continued every night since. I was afraid that sleeping in her car seat in the living room was going to be the norm for a very long time. What a sigh of relief!


Our ward had a Chili cook off and of course I entered. I love food and I love a little friendly competition as well :) I really liked the part when I went to get my crockpot, only to find 3 boys fighting over the last scoops and to hear another lady yell, "hey! I only want a taste- just a spoonful!"

*On a sadder note, I found out today that I lost to someone else who had used canned chili (I'm not a sore loser...the son told me how his dad "made" the chili- it's the honest to goodness truth!).


WE CLOSED ON THE SALE OF OUR COMPANY!!! Nothing more to be said here. :)


Braelynn was blessed by her daddy. It was so beautiful. She wore Kent's sister, Amy's, dress and looked absolutely beautiful. Amy and her adorable boyfriend, Kenny, came and so did our friend Mike, and Brenda and Trevor with Dashiel, and Christine and Brian with Brody. My parents were coming, but got a little turned around and just missed it- we got to hang out in the lobby during the rest of church and visit though.

Afterwards we had a luncheon at our place and got to visit with everyone.

It has truly been such a great week!


CeeJ said...

Hey- I'm impressed you dressed up. :) Congrats on the baby blessing. It's weird to think she's that old already!! :)
(and you REALLY won the chilli competition- if people were fighting over your chilli.)

Tonia said...

I LOVE the costume idea! We might borrow that for next year. Braelynn is so beautiful guys and it sounds like you are a trooper doing all the stuff you are doing.
I love to cook as well (signed up for culinary school but had a kiddo instead). Anyway you would part with your chili recipe? It is an autumn favorite around here.

Lanae said...

How fun - Halloween and the blessing! I wish we could have been there for that; what a special day. Braelynn is such a beautiful little girl and I just can't wait to meet her. Hope all is going well. Love, Lanae