Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Alarming Night

So Kent and I were down in Mexico, because I had a better chance of taking my Wrestling career to a professional level. I was up against this guy that had long, stringy, bleached-blond hair. He was about twice my height and his stomach alone weighed as much as I do.

I really didn't want to wrestle this guy, but Kent told me that if I could beat this guy I could take anyone and I'd be "in."

The lights in the arena were flashing and the alarm was sounding for us to start. Kent was nudging me saying "Go. Hey! Go NOW!"

Suddenly my conscience takes over my sub-conscience (just in the nick of time) and I wake-up, only to hear the alarm even louder and the lights even brighter with Kent yelling, "Hey Carly! What is that?"

We realize that it's the baby monitor (lights flash on it along with the sound), but we have no idea what is causing the alarm. I panic, but am too scared to go check it out (not as big of a chicken as Kent who didn't offer to go save his family though).

I head down the hallway and realize it's the fire alarm coming from the office, but there's no smoke or fire. We rip it off the wall and still hear the alarm. FINALLY we realize it's coming from Braelynn's room. We then proceed to rip that one off the wall as well.

Once again; no smoke, no fire.

The culprit?

So the morals of the story?

1.) I was never meant to be a professional wrestler.

2.) Check the batteries in your smoke detectors twice a year (and learn how to safely remove them from the wall to avoid any damages when they detect other non-smoke elements).

3.) Check your kid's room first! Okay, okay; I am sure everyone out there is thinking, "duh!" But it's good to have a reminder :)

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Tonia said...

Oh, one of the many stories to come! Love the wrestling dream!