Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekly Updates

Carly, Braelynn and I went knocking on doors yesterday trying to get our neighbors to sign a petition to get our friend, Scott Taylor on the City of Chandler Council ballot - he's very accomplished in his business pursuits and church assignments and we feel he would bring a lot of much needed common business sense and work ethic to the city. Plus he'd be donating his entire salary to the city. Our stake president has asked us to get more involved in making a difference in our local politics, schools, cities, etc. We're not exactly in a position to be serving in the community full time, but hope to be able to step in a more active role in the coming years. For now, we can at least help people we trust get elected to serve.

This past week, Cassie was able to visit from Boston- it's always good to see her - she's one of Carly's best friends and they just really hit it off. Sounds like she might be pursuing her PhD after she finishes up her masters here soon.

Some good news - Bank of America/Countrywide has decided to work with us and lower our interest rate on our home to a point where we can actually afford to stay here. We were thinking we would have to move and might face foreclosure - but alas, we're able to stay! We're still upside down on the house, but with a 3% interest rate locked in for 28 years, I'm not going to complain.

Amy came over for dinner tonight and we enjoyed talking about dating, revelation, and decision making. Amy and Kenny broke up, which probably upset Carly and I more than Amy - we really liked Kenny and thought he was great for her. But I think Amy might have some other ... (better?) prospects coming up. We're impressed with the 3 guys Amy has dated the past year. We have no doubt she'll pick a quality guy when the time is right for her. No rush. (We told her she's not even allowed to marry until she's 22... or was it 23 or 24?)

We're so happy to be parents - Braelynn has become such a joy to be around - smiling, cooing, blabbing - love it!


Lanae said...

She's so cute! I hope we can meet her soon. I really wish we lived closer to you guys; it would be so fun to see Braelynn become friends. I'm glad things are working out with the house and everything. Love you all!

jazmataz said...

I love the picture of her yawning w/ you! That's sooo cute!

(This is CJ by the way- I'm just signed in under Jasmine's blog!)