Thursday, December 2, 2010

Double Your Pleasure; Double Your Fun!

That's right...we're having another little girl! This is just what we were wanting and are so thrilled!

When the tech said "see these 3 little white lines..." Kent and I high-fived and yelled "it's a girl!"

After a few minutes of the Tech not saying anything, I doubled checked with her to make sure we knew what we were talking about. After all, 3 little white lines could mean anything right?

We didn't really get any good shots of the baby, because she was facing my back.

She is not measuring up to where she should be at this point, so I'm going in to get a better, more specialized Ultrasound next week. They just want to be sure that everything is okay. This will also give us the opportunity to see her little face and everything this time.

I am quite sure everything is okay...I'm tiny and I've thought that my due date was a little earlier than what it should be. BUT, we will be sure to keep the baby in our prayers just in case.

Well, like I said the photos didn't come out that great, but I still wanna get them up here.

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Lanae said...

I'm so excited for you guys! You know, I always thought boy/girl.. boy/girl was the way to go (being that we had that pattern going in our family), but after having 3 little boys in a row, I love how they are such good friends and there's nothing better than having a built in friend everywhere you go. There's nothing better. High-five to Brealynn! She has a best friend/sister; how fun is that?
Congrats you guys. Love you all! Lanae