Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Concerned to Very Concerned

This morning I had my monthly check-up and ultrasound. I went on my own thinking it would just be the usual...until the doctor walked in and announced, "I'm very concerened about your baby." (For the record, I DO appreciate blunt doctors and was not at all offeneded).

Last month when I went in the baby was measuring 2 weeks too small and then went to a specialist for more ultrasounds. The specialist wasn't too concerened as the baby is proportionatly small (as opposed to a small head, or arm, or leg, etc.). She said she would check back with me in a month just to be sure things were moving forward and not looking any worse.

Well, now the baby is measuring 3 weeks too we've moved from being concerned to being very concerned. I'm going back to the specialist in the morning for more ultrasounds and doppler testing. The elevated concern comes from the baby's growth slowing even further and not stabilizing at 2 weeks...or catching up.

So hopefully tomorrow we can get some more answers. I guess we just didn't eat enough fudge over the holidays ;)

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Scott, Aimee, & Emily said...

I hope all goes well. Eat up that fudge! I had the same scare when I was pregnant with Emily. Your family is in our prayers.