Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Low Down

This past weekend we were talking with Kent's mom and I realized what a horrible job I've been doing with posting updates about the pregnancy and our baby.

Since the start of the new year, I've been going into a specialist to get an Ultrasound and Doppler testing done every 2 weeks. Now that I've been a handful of times, it is clear that the baby is growing at a steady rate.

The good news is that she's consistent and she hasn't just dropped off her curve or anything. The "bad" news is that she is on the 1st percentile curve. This means that 99% of babies at her "age" are bigger than her.

Right now, she is weighing in at about 2.41 pounds. "Average" is about 3 pounds at this point.

My biggest concern a few weeks ago was wondering if my doctor would induce me if I go late. Wouldn't it be best to just let the baby cook until she's big enough to come out?

I found out that I will more than likely be induced, and it will more than likely be BEFORE my due date. Apparently babies that are IUGR tend to just stop growing or in some cases even digress. If this happens, it is important to get the baby out, so that further complications don't arise and we can better manipulate the baby's environment to help her grow. This doesn't happen all the time, but in most cases.

While I am glad I asked and I do feel comfortable with the reasoning...I really do not want to be induced! I had the most perfect labor and delivery with Braelynn, and I want this one to go exactly the same way! Bummer!

So now, I'll be gearing up to go in to the specialist 2 times a week for a stress test. The doctor will monitor the baby for about 20 minutes. If he notices anything lagging or any changes, he will consult with my doctor and decide if it would be best to get the baby out at that point.

Through everything it has been a relief to know that the baby is more than likely, just small. I'm not worried about any chromosomal disorders that are typically linked with IUGR, and the doctors are not either. All her body parts also seem to be developing normally and all her doppler testing is coming back normal as well.

I think the more "critical" point will be right when she's born and the few weeks following. If she's anything like Braelynn, she'll fatten right up though!

So, everyone should be up to speed now with the details. I don't think I know anything else. I go to my regular OB on Friday and she'll let me know if I should start the stress test this upcoming week, or week 32 which is typical.

I'll try to keep you posted!


Tonia said...

Glad to hear an update!

McCooks said...

Nevy was and IUGR baby. Do you know if it is asymetrical or symetrical? Nevy was born at 3.5 lbs. at 36 weeks. I had several stress tests done too. She is still very small for her age and has never been on the charts for weight. Let me know if you have questions :)