Sunday, May 15, 2011

How It's Supposed to Be!

When we told my parents that we were expecting again, my mom said that this one would be Satan's Spawn because Braelynn was such a perfect baby and the universe needed to be balanced. Well, Braelynn was the perfect baby...until Brooke came along! (Braelynn, we love you to pieces and enjoy you immensely).

Many times Kent and I look at each other and ask, "is this how it's supposed to be?"

Braelynn had colic (6:30 pm to about 4 am).

Brooke does not.

You wouldn't believe the difference that one piece makes!

We can lay her down, she sleeps, she only eats for 20 minutes at a time, she sleeps, she barely cries, and let me tell you that she sleeps!

We are all enjoying her so much. Braelynn was ecstatic when we brought Brooke home. She's starting to realize that we are keeping her and has started a little sibling jealousy. I feel bad for her, because she is so used to having 100% of our attention. She is learning a new word..."wait." She doesn't like it! But, it is what it is.
Love is just wonderful with these 2 little girls!


Natalie said...

hooray for good babies! I am definitely jealous. :)

The Carpenter Family said...

Congrats on the Brooke...what a cutie! Glad she is a good one :)