Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Tantrum-atic Twos

As I sat here tonight listening to the blood curdling screams for 61 minutes of a very tired 2 year old, who felt it was not her bedtime, I realized I hadn't posted anything about her birthday!

Braelynn turned 2 on Wednesday, the 21st. I cannot believe how fast this past year went. She just turned 1 yesterday!

Let me tell you, she is definitely 2!

Braelynn's energy could easily be bottled and sold to NASA for rocket fuel. She loves running, jumping, and dancing. Her laugh is hilarious, a true from-the-gut laugh. She loves to tell stories, that nobody understands, but is very aware of what she is saying. She is full of animal sounds and many other sound effects that she strategically puts in the middle of her sentences.

Some of our favorite "words" are:

Peash- Please
Monk- Blanket
Yeah Kay- Ok or Yes
Tick a Tick a Tick a- Tickle, Tickle, Tickle
Reece- Rice
Sigh- Outside
Tie- Tired
Moo- Movies (TV)
Mo- Elmo
Elcome- You're Welcome
Tank-oo- Thank You
Bwook- Brooke

All babies are "Bwook," and all cats are "Mar" (Marley, my Aunt's cat in NY).

She absolutely loves Nursery at church. She knows what room to go to, and when to go. She cries whenever we pick her up to go home.

We have nicknamed her "The Wedge." She has to be right in the middle of whatever is going on. She has a way of worming her way between Kent and I, or if we are holding Brooke.

She loves to give kisses to the grocery store clerks. When they say "Bye," she replies with "Byyyee," followed with a smooch!

In the past 2 years, I have been able to trim her nails maybe 10 times, and have yet to be able to get her hair up in any way. I managed to get a barrette in it today. She is not a girly-girl at all.

Her temper comes straight from her daddy. Watch out when she is mad!

We love every bit of her...even if we just put her to bed for the 13th time tonight! I couldn't imagine life without her. She exhausts me everyday, yet makes me laugh over the silliest things!

Happy 2nd Birthday Braelynn, we love you!

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