Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas and Beyond

I don't even know where the holiday season went. We tried to do so many Christmas activities, and we have all been just flew by!

One of our favorite activities was McCormick park. They do the whole train park up in Christmas lights. We got to ride the train and Braelynn loved her 1st ride on the carousel. While Elmo is her favorite "person," the real one walkingaround the park was another story. We finally got her to say hi to him, from about 10 feet away.

We also went to San Tan Village and took a Carriage ride, watched the light show, and and took in the busy, last minute shopping energy.

Then there was my birthday. Sick. End of story :(

Finally, it was Christmas! Braelynn really wasn't sure about the whole thing. The idea of Santa terrified her- she would growl every time we talked about him. Seriously, she would growl. She loved the Grinch though!

We woke up in a time crunch, since we GOT to go to church that morning, so I was a little hurried and stressed. Braelynn loved her Tickle Me Elmo...and then took the next 3 days to open the rest of her presents. Unfortunately she figured it out at the tail end :(
After church we went to Tucson and spent the night with my family. Braelynn loves her big cousin Chloe, and the 2 of them ran around together 'till they had nothing left in them.

I still can't believe it's over. I guess I should finally pack everything up tomorrow :(

We spent New Year's and Kent's birthday in Sedona with my parents. It was a lot of fun, in spite of us all being sick STILL/AGAIN. It's never ending...however Brooke's explosive diapers really made the weekend interesting!

2012 holds a lot of mystery for us. Hopefully things will pick up for Kent in the Business Brokerage world, since everyone has been on Holiday mode since September. It would be really nice to have a company again!

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