Sunday, November 23, 2008

Busy busy BUSY!

What a busy week we've had and we're geering up for an even BUSIER one! The main hilight of this week (besides grocery shopping for Thanksgiving) was getting together with my parents to play a little disc golf up in Fountain Hills. We had such a blast playing with them, teasing them, and just laughing for a few hours. We then went to Arriba for some Mexican Food. 

On Wednesday Kent went to the 3rd Annual Entrepreneur Convention. It had a slow start, but he really got a lot out of it and met some new people. While we're not always passionate about the same topics, I love seeing him get so excited! He came home and talked my ear off for a good hour.

While he was away, I organized and rearranged our home office. Along with implementing a new filing system, I moved the desk about 6 inches. I know you're thinking, "that's nice, but 6 inches? So after 5 minutes what did you do?" I will have you know that this desk weighs probably 300 lbs and I'm only about 90. Do the math and you'll be impressed too :) That 6 inches did make all of the difference though!

On Friday, Kent and I trekked over to the ADRE office to see if we could move the Broker's license process any faster. I don't know exactly why we thought that, but all that was accomplished were 2 stress headaches and a grumpy Friday night. Thanks to my mom blabbing about the situation to a family friend, we have a wonderful Real Estate Attorney now. He really knows how the department works as he has worked there and represented clients against them as well. HOPEFULLY he'll be able to move along some resolve on our behalf. Our current Broker closes his doors in T-minus 7 days (4 of those days being a holiday weekend). 

I am just about set for Thanksgiving this week. I have my menu in place and just about all of the groceries I need. I will be brining the Turkey, so I am excited to see how it turns out. I've never brined anything before nor have I ever cooked a Turkey. Yesterday I dried out the bread cubes for the stuffing. It reminded me of being at my Grandma's one summer when she covered the Ping Pong table with bread cubes to make the stuffing for a Church Picnic. As kids we were completely devistated, BUT 20 years later...I knew how to dry bread :)

Well happy feasting to everyone this week!


Lanae said...

Fun stuff - sounds like you guys are staying busy! I love making the stuffing; I always buy the pre-dried bread cubes; how do you prepare the bread from to make these from scratch?? If you have any secrets let me know ;-)

Keeping up with the Burtons said...

Hey it was great to talk to you last night. For the stuffing, I bought a loaf of French bread and cut it into cubes. I laid it out on some towels on the table for the day and when I came home they were set! Now, I'll mix it with the veggies, herbs, and some broth and throw it in the crock pot on T-day for a few hours. It seems so simple!