Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy 1 year to us, San Diego style!

Boy oh boy was this past week an absolute BLAST!!! Kent and I went to San Diego to celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary! Yippee!!

I had planned the entire trip about a month ago. You know me...reservations were made, maps were printed, and itineraries were in place. You also know Kent though and 2 days before we were set to go, he said, "let's go now!" So we did- well almost, at least as quickly as I was able to get everything packed!

We left Saturday morning and headed to San Ellijo, which is the beach we had camped at when we 1st started dating. Upon our arrival, we learned that California was on Fall Break, so there was not a single site open. We managed to "buddy up" with another family and camped at a beautiful site overlooking the beach.

We spent the next day at the mall and checked into our cabin. We also busted out the top of our wedding cake. The bakery we had ordered our wedding cake from a year ago, recreates the top piece for your 1, 5, 10, 25, and so on...anniversaries. Funny enough, I didn't like our cake at our wedding, but this year it was quite scrumptious!

In the morning we headed out to play disc golf. The weather was absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed the course as there were so many trees and hills to play around and in between. We then headed over to Old Town and did a little window shopping and looked at the replicas they have set up there.

I had planned a little romantic/sentimental evening for us at Pacific Beach Pier. We played some paddle ball and then took our seats for the sunset. I had brought along a vase with blue, tan, and white sand. We poured the sand into the vase in different layers, which represents us joining our lives together. It turned out really pretty, and the amazing part is that it survived the trip back to Arizona! We then had dinner at "Moondoggies." It was so good! We will definitely eat there again :)

The next day we spent the morning in the hot tub and just relaxed. We also went to the San Diego Temple. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! We want to get a divorce, just so we can get remarried in that Temple because it was just breathtaking! Just when you think you've seen it all, you go up another staircase in which there is an atrium with so many beautiful flowers. I did not want to leave!

We then headed to the Children's Pool in La Jolla. It was such a neat beach and conservatory. It was a little too late in the day to see the Seals, but I really enjoyed venturing out onto the rocks and looking at all of the natural beauty that lives there.

Now we are back at home and have decided that we'll go ahead and give in another year :) We were so busy during this past year and I didn't ever really have the whole, "newlywed, googly-eyed, butterflied" feeling. Now I feel it though. I have such an awesome husband! After this trip, all I want to do is gaze into his eyes and giggle. Pathetic, I know. Hmmm...I love you Honeymuffin!

My parents are coming up to Scottsdale for the week, so we'll be getting together with them and are looking forward to it. They had to put their dog, Guy, down on Tuesday, so I think this trip will be good for them too.

This whole Property Management/Brokerage thing is a big ol' mess, so we'll update you on the outcome when we finally get to it :)

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