Sunday, January 11, 2009

Around the Valley in a Day!

First things first...I passed my Real Estate test on Thursday- Woo Hoo! I was a tad bit nervous about it, but passed and that is all that matters I guess :)

Kent has also officially decided to move over to Aperion Business Brokerage, under VR. He's pretty excited about it, and now is the perfect time for him to jump into this. He'll officially be starting in 2 weeks. 

BAPECLOTHING.NET was also semi-down for the past 2 1/2 weeks. Anyone could access the site, but anyone doing anything "admin" couldn't sign in. FINALLY one of our guys was able to work it all out. I guess some "pirates hacked" or some "hackers pirated" it. Needless to say, we are back up and running :)

Saturday morning was just beautiful and we wanted to get out of the house. What a day we had! First we went to Old Town Scottsdale for their Farmer's Market. It was quite nice and we tried a few delicious treats and lotions. Then we walked around the downtown area and went through quite a few art galleries. 

By this time, we were ready for lunch and a nap. So, we drove up to Fountain Hills and did just that. It was probably the most relaxing nap we've ever had, as we were by the water with a cool breeze and the sound of the fountain was so soothing. I wanted to nap a little longer, so Kent started a game of Disc Golf. I then met him on the back 9, where there was a concert! SO, we watched the concert for about 30 minutes and then finished up the game.

We weren't quite ready to head home yet, so we stopped off at Tempe Marketplace and spent an hour or so at Barnes and Noble. Boy were we hungary though. So we grabbed some pizza and Dr. Pepper and went home and watched "A River Runs through it."

Phew! What a day!

One of our New Year's resolutions is that we will do something OUTSIDE every Saturday. I did this for a little while in college and it was just so refreshing to be outdoors. Yesterday was our 1st go at it, and I think we'll definitely stick with it.

While we were at the park, we also decided that we need to be more interesting. We really can be boring :) We work so starts off as, "I'm just gonna check my work email..." Next thing you know, the entire Saturday is GONE and we haven't done a single fun thing! 

So, 3 out of the 4 weekends each month, we are going to go to some kind of event/festival or have weekend getaways around the the state. We love camping and I hope to spend a good portion of the 120 degree summer somewhere north! Haha!

It's now or never :)


Amy said...

Congrats on passing your exam!!

Keeping up with the Burtons said...

Thanks! I miss you!!!! See you soon :)

Tonia said...

congrats! It's funny, one of our resolutions is to camp at least 20 days this year and we casually mentioned the 'outside every Saturday'. Great minds must think alike!