Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family, Friends, and Fun!

Kent and I summed up the week as a good one.

Kent found a new business brokerage that he's quite interested in. He gets along really well with the broker and they've been negotiating terms, but I think Kent just may sign on.

I've been a leasing machine and this week I closed another one. I don't know if I really am that amazing OR if the rental market is starting to pick back up again...I'm gonna stick with the amazing reason :) Haha!

On Thursday my cousin's wife let me know that they were coming to Arizona to visit Todd's parents and that they wanted to stop here as well. We had a short visit with them over veggie lasagna and gianormous strawberries. It was a lot of fun. We always love seeing them.

Yesterday we went with some friends, Adam and Lauren, to a Japanese Festival in Downtown Phoenix. It was really neat watching all of the drummers, dancers, and looking at all the cultural foods and other items. I've read/watched shows about some of the "gothic" culture in Japan and the Animae...and all those people were out too! It was all very fun and interesting.

Afterwards Kent and I grabbed some dinner in Chandler at a Chinese/Mexican restaraunt, Chino Banditos. I had eaten there many years ago, and wanted to try it again. My favorite part was the snickerdoodle cookie at the end...and of course spending time with Kent.

Then last night we had a little "Office" marathon.

This weekend we also found out that we get to buy a new Water Heater ($480)- woo hoo! Kent noticed the other day a small pool around our current water heater and it was determined we needed a new one. We saw this coming when we bought the house, but it still didn't help.

Once again, I don't know what this week holds for us. I'm supposed to have an appointment with my Doctor, but I still don't have insurance, so we'll see. UGH! We'd been considering going through a midwife anyway, so this may not be such a bad issue. We're going to watch, "The Business of being Born" this week, which may help Kent come around as he isn't as on-board as I am. 

Well I think that is about it. Have a great week!

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Tonia said...

I have had doctors, midwives, birth centers, and hospitals. If want any opinions then let me know!