Sunday, February 15, 2009


This has been the most absolute perfect weekend I have had in a really long time!!! On Friday, my mom came up to just spend time with me. I almost never get her all to myself, so Friday was so special. We went to Kohl's, Target, and the mall, and got lunch. We talked and talked and talked, and it was just perfect! 

I bought my first "maternity" clothing item- a pair of linen capris that are 1 size too big. I think those are going to be my favorite pants this summer because they are linen and will breathe- sigh! My mom also bought 2 pairs because they really are super cute.

Then Saturday morning I woke up and got to go shopping all over again!!! One of my best friends, Sara, came up from Tucson and we went to another mall and spent a few hours together. We never get to see each other (this was the 2nd time since my wedding), so it was especially nice.

That night I took Kent out for Valentine's Day. We were going to go to the Macaronni Grill, but it was a 1 1/2 hour wait- no thank you! So I told him I could possibly stomach some Mexican Food from La Parilla Suiza which was just across the street and not nearly as busy as the other 50 restraunts on the block. It was really good. My mom and I used to go there quite a bit, and since then they have changed up their menu. I don't think Kent was impressed at first, but when the food came out I saw the sparkle in his eye. Their presentation has become a bit more modern as opposed to traditional, so the food looked really pretty! 

Afterwards we went to the Hyatt at Gainey Ranch to watch the Flamenco Dancers. It was quite packed and we didn't have the best seats, so after we soaked in the environment we headed home.

This week Kent and I also both gave speeches at our Toastmasters' meeting. Kent gave his 10th and final speech, so he will be moving onto a different manual. It was probably the best speech I have heard him give and he really knocked it outta the park!

We don't really have anything too special planned for the upcoming week, so we'll see what life throws us!

Have a great week!


Jacob and DeaAnna said...

Sounds like a blast!! I love listening to that band and watching the dancers!! They are our favorite!

Lanae said...

That just sounds like fun; sounds like you and your mom are so close and just love being together. And it sounds like you guys had a fun time stepping out for Valentines Day. Hope you're feeling well!
Love you guys,