Sunday, July 26, 2009

...And Another Trip!

The best part of this summer is how often we get to leave the valley! Every time I say, "oh what a great LAST trip before the baby..." we end up going somewhere else :)

My Uncle Jim had a nasty liver cancer that just took over his body (very similar case of what my dad went through), and unfortunately he passed away on the 17th (my dad's birthday). This past week all the family got together in Sedona for the party. Yes, I said party.

My Uncle Jim was far too up-beat to let anyone have a funeral for him. It was fantastic! So many family and friends came, the weather was perfect, and we only had about 5 minutes of tears with a few toasts that were offered. My cousin Todd also prepared a wonderful photo DVD that played throughout the night.

The best part though was that this was the 1st time all of my cousins and I were together since Todd's wedding in 2000. My brother came home on leave this past week, so the timing was just perfect.

On Friday, my parents, Eddie, Kent, and I took a drive up to Oak Creek canyon and played in the water. After a lot of pleading, my mom let me get close enough to the water to put my feet in. I was so jealous watching everyone get all the way in and cool off. I'll admit's nice when you are 26 and your mom is still telling you what to do :) I'm not sure if she was more concerned about me or the safety of her next granddaughter- haha!

Other than that we all just hung out at the resort, went swimming in the pools, ate a ton of junk food, and picked on each other. Can I also just say how nice it is to be pregnant around my brother. Usually I'm on edge whenever he's home...ready for him to torment me "Ranger" style. This time I could say whatever I wanted with no fear of it coming back to me 100-fold. It really was nice.

What a great LAST trip before Braelynn comes ;)


Tonia said...

It's so great when you can get together to remember a family member and have it be good times. Remind me of the due date again cause your baby counter says you have something like 2438 days which I am either reading wrong or else I am hoping is highly incorrect!

Lanae said...

You're little girl is going to be all worn out before she even gets here since you're always on the go :-)
Love you guys! Lanae

Natalie (and Chad) said...

you're getting so close to the due date. ;) can't wait to see your beautiful little girl. love you all,