Wednesday, March 3, 2010


A few months ago our Bishop announced that we would be having a ward garden in the springtime. Super exciting right? I even heard a rumor that we'd be getting a pig...hmmm...

Well, a few weeks ago it was announced that the committee was preparing the ground and they needed volunteers to sprout seeds. Of course I signed up.

I envisioned bringing pots of beautiful tomato sproutings to the ward garden and really contributing to this wonderful project.

I told Kent how excited I was about it, and he smiled as he gazed into our backyard with 3 DEAD citrus trees he had bought me. He then reminded me of the "garden" I attempted to grow when we got married.

Even better! I can prove him wrong too :)

So this weekend is the big planting weekend. Everyone is to bring their sproutings and putting them into the ground!

I drove myself down to the plant store and bought a beautiful tomato plant today. Who needs seeds right?


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Natalie (and Chad) said...

a ward garden is a cool idea! wonder if it'll work out. And y'know, if we had to live on the food I could grow us - we'd starve! It's a joke that I've got a black thumb instead of a green one. I've tried watching my mom's house plants when she would go out of town. I didn't do anything different from what she did, and yet they always looked awful by the time she got back, and looked fully recovered after a few days with her home. Maybe it's just about time and experience and having killed lots of plants first! At least I hope so - or I'm doomed! Good luck!