Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby Photos!

Phew- I think I made it through my 1st trimester :) This one has been rough. With Braeylnn I was only sick once and that was more food poisoning than anything else. I kinda lost track of how many times I puked, but I think it was about 10 times.

What I did enjoy though, was the fact that I was NOT an emotional basket-case this time! No crying over Chipotle...didn't care about pepperoni touching my pizza...and I didn't lose it when I couldn't find anything to read in Border's :) The only time I have cried in the last 12 weeks was when Kent and I watched "Letters to God," a really sad movie, so it was justified.

I have gone to the doctor twice now. As cute as Dr. Eddy is, I decided that it wasn't fair to Kent to watch me get all googley-eyed at my OB. I found another doctor and the office is AMAZING! It is set up like a movie theater. Each room has a different movie theme (last week was Westerns, this week was The King and I). They play old classic musicals and Disney movies.

Today we went again and had an Ultrasound. It took some digging to find Braelynn, but this one was all set for the photo-op! As soon as they put the little wand on me the baby was there! This pregnancy has yet to feel real. We haven't "talked" to the baby or anything, but now that we've seen the little one that may change.

We also have an official due date! April 27th.

Everything looks good so far.

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Greg & Amy said...

Wait, so do you know if it's a boy or girl?!