Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My husband is so wonderful...blah blah blah.

Can I complain now? It is so hot!

At first I thought, "oh, it's because I'm pregnant." Then, I actually looked at the numbers. I'M NOT THE PROBLEM HERE!!!


What the hell is this??? Thursday? Seriously 107?

I want to open my windows. I want to take a walk this weekend between sessions of conference. I don't want to kick myself for forgetting the ice packs for Braelynn's car seat. I want to wear a hoodie to the grocery store.

And ugh that reminds me. The grocery store...great. For the next 2 weeks Chandler schools are on fall break AND the snowbirds are back. These are my least 2 favorite weeks of the year even when it's in the 80s.

I'm going to go turn my A/C down and take a nap until it cools off...whenever that happens!

1 comment:

Tonia said...

Hang in there girl! Those numbers HAVE to come down eventually, right? (I thought Texas was hot!)