Sunday, September 26, 2010

Can I Just Say...

How wonderful my husband is?

This has not been a very fun pregnancy. I know I complained A LOT last time, but this time around has definitely given me something to complain about. I am actually relieved that I get to throw up this time :(

I've spent many days flat on my back, holding down the couch in case gravity fails, and Kent has been busy being super-dad to Braelynn and Mr. Mom to me.

Yesterday he cleaned the house! We've lived here almost 3 years, so I chuckled a little when he asked where we keep the mop. Underneath it all though I was so grateful for him.

He works hard all day, just to "come home" and NOT get dinner. I don't think I've cooked in 2 weeks and he hasn't complained once.

He understands when I say "don't touch me" and then when I get upset because he isn't rubbing my back he doesn't say a thing. He just starts rubbing.

Last night he took care of Braelynn so that I could go to Women's Conference at church. He took her to the park, gave her a bath, read her a story, fed her, and put her to bed. I know these are all things that should go without saying, but I just love that I have a husband who does these things without needing it to be explained. He just knows what to do. I don't have to worry that he's got the BYU game on, tuning the baby out, who has just given herself permanent marker tattoos or anything (you know the stories).

Thank you Kent and I love you so much!

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