Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

Today I realized how many fun things we've done since the new year that we've never posted photos from. We definitely want to remember all the fun times (well, at least the ones we remember to bring our camera to).

One of our goals for the year was to get out of the house more. We are both home all week and then Saturday comes and we say, "I'm just going to check my email real quick." Soon, the day goes by and we're both working, stressed, tired, and it feels like every other day of the week. So, Saturday has become our "get out of the house" day. It has made a world of a difference in our family, marriage, and work as well.

I'm also sneaking in a few other photos as well...

Cupid brought Braelynn a new doll for Valentine's Day. It cries and laughs, and came with all the necessities. She's going to be a really good helper :)

We love going to Fountain Hills and playing Disc Golf. They also do a few street fairs. We usually get some Subway, have a picnic, play at the park, and then walk the fair. This year it was really cold and windy, but it was such a fun day!

Kent went running one morning and found this huge inflatable toy in one of the greenways. When he got home he convinced to help him go pick it up. It wouldn't fit in our car, so I drove while he held onto it outside the window. He hoped we wouldn't see any cops and I said, "It's a Thursday morning in our neighborhood...why would there be any cops?" You can imagine how hard we laughed as we turned onto our street and a police officer looked at us like we were complete idiots! What were the odds???

I got 2 more colds this past month and decided it was time to teach Kent how to cook dinner. I taught him how to make Red Beans & Rice...he did a fantastic job!

This past weekend there was another Street fair in Tempe. We were expecting to see a lot of the same stuff from Fountain Hills, but were pleasantly surprised!

After the Street fair, we stopped off at a fountain for Braelynn to cool off a little. People were just amazed at how fearless she was as she ventured all the way in.

We had such a beautiful winter, so it was so nice to take advantage of the weather and get outdoors. We also ventured up to Sedona, and have gone to Tucson a handful of times. Now we're hunkering down for Summer :(

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The Carpenter Family said...

How fun!! What a cute family you guys are!