Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rainy Saturday

It's funny to think that today was 50 degrees colder than it was last Saturday!

Last Saturday was General Conference and we positioned ourselves comfortably underneath the A/C vent for 2 days straight. We love conference weekend. We always make yummy snacks, and pile up our couch cushions and pillows on the floor to be nice and comfy. What made it really special was seeing Braelynn excited for it. She already knows her "spot" after a few times...what will be interesting is in 6 months to see who gets the spot :) She is NOT a pushover!
Braelynn has had this nasty cold this past week, with a fever. We had a few plans for the weekend- movie in the park on Friday night, and Gilbert Village Festival today. The weather rained on our parade and with Braelynn not feeling so great, we made some changes.

On Friday we tried to take advantage of the wind and go fly some kites. The finesse of the $1 kites was no match for the power of the wind though, and Braelynn was much more amused by the playground. It was good to get out though.
I won mother-of-the-year award by taking my sick baby to the Arizona Museum for Youth today. She survived and hopefully none of the other kids will die after being exposed to her fountains of goop.

Kent and I had a ton of fun though! The areas were sectioned off into different fairy tales and had corresponding activities. Then on the other side of the museum, there was a ton of stuff for the littlest visitors to climb on and explore. Braelynn was pretty much toast by the end of the day, but we will definitely be going back again! It was a perfect rainy day activity.

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