Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Friday evening was marked with an emotional meltdown...I was NOT supposed to be pregnant on Friday still. But, there I was carrying a butterball around my mid-section. The only thing that could save me from myself was a good plate of Mexican Food.

Usually Kent drags his feet when we head out for dinner, but that night he was in the car with Braelynn before I could even figure out where I wanted to go. I was still balling my eyes out (remember Chipotle 2 years ago?), when he made a sharp turn into Casa Blanca. It was packed, but we waited until we could get a seat on the side that we like. I was a basket case, there was no messing around with bad seating and ugly decor on the backside!

Dinner was fabulous! Then we headed to Tempe for a concert under the stars. The music was ok, but it was just nice to be out with the family and enjoy a cool breeze. It was the perfect start to our weekend.

Saturday we planned to go to the city of Chandler's Easter Egg hunt. Braelynn took a 3 hour nap before it started at 10:30, but I figured it was just from being out late on Friday. Boy was I wrong. She once again got sick! I felt so bad dragging her out there. She ended up sleeping for most of the rest of the day. That night we went to our friends/neighbors, the Jacksons, for a BBQ. It's so fun to have friends 3 doors down!

I stayed home with Braelynn on Easter, but Kent was able to go to church and had been asked to speak. I was so bummed that we couldn't go and that Braelynn missed out on the rest of Easter fun. We had been invited to a friend's for dinner, since I had to cancel my get together (something about being told I would have my baby by then...grrr...), but she was sweet enough to bring dinner to us!

So, I guess Easter was a quiet day, but altogether it was a beautiful weekend!

This morning I went in for an appointment and we scheduled me to be induced tomorrow morning at 5:30. Now I'm hysterical because I'm getting induced! I'm sure it'll be ok, I was just looking forward a repeat of my delivery with Braelynn. Who knows, maybe it'll go quickly.

Well, next time I get on here I'm sure I'll have a much more exciting story for you! Until then, goodbye from our family of 3 for the last time!

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Jackson Family said...

We loved having you guys over! I'm so happy for you that you are finally getting this thing done! It's been a trial for you! I'm sure everything will go wonderfully, and I'll have you in my thoughts/prayers all day tomorrow! Keep me informed!!

Love you guys!