Sunday, April 15, 2012

Botanical Gardens

Tonight I was tucking Braelynn into bed and we were chatting about the fun weekend we had. Now I know why we were so tired today!

Friday night the Elders Quorum at church hosted a family BBQ, which was a lot fun. They cooked up hot dogs and some really yummy beans. Since the men were in charge, the remaining side items included...chips ;)

Braelynn had so much fun playing with her little friends from Nursery, a water balloon toss, and just running around in her usual fashion.

Saturday we got up and it was so chilly! It was the perfect day to go to the Botanical Gardens though. We bundled up and headed out to see the flowers. I had been there before and it sorta felt like I was just walking around in the desert. The cloud cover though made it so beautiful this time.

Afterwards we stopped at Papago Park and Kent and Braelynn hiked to the hole in the rock. It's a nice little hike, but it was so cold and windy that I stayed back with Brooke in the car.

On the way home we picked up a pizza, and then I headed off to help with our Stake's Play-in-a-day. It is such a fun activity for the youth. They basically show up in the morning and are divided into groups. Each group has a theme and they have the day to put together a 5 minute skit. This year each group was assigned a Disney movie and a value from the Strength for Youth pamphlet. My favorite was Aladdin and Modesty. They also did Tangled with Goals, Robin Hood with Service, and oodles of others.

There were about 350 youth that participated, so this year they did it as a road show. After each group performed, they would travel to another building and perform again.

Kent brought the girls to watch a little of it that night, and they really enjoyed it. I tried to get a video of Brooke dancing during Aladdin's "I'm Modest and I Know It" to the tune of "I'm Sexy and I Know It." That girl has got rhythm! She's also a tad camera shy and stops dead in her tracks the minute she sees the red light.

Today was church and much needed naps. I can't believe another week is already here!


Tonia said...

I love that they brought chips as sides. Sounds about right! Your family is so cute!

Cassie Simms said...

Your ward sounds like so much fun! And your kids are so cute in those pictures. It's crazy how quickly they're growing up. You guys are a fun family!