Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter was so much better this year than last year. 1- I am not 9 months pregnant. 2- I am not 9 months pregnant :)

We had a nice day at home. The day started off early with an Easter egg hunt in our backyard. Braelynn was really excited for it. I wasn't sure if she'd get it, but she totally did. Then we came inside and she searched for her Easter basket.
After a slow morning here, we went to Sacrament meeting and had a beautiful Easter program. When church got out, we were discussing to go home or stay for a little longer and Braelynn took off down the hallway. I assumed she was headed for the Nursery, so you can imagine how surprised I was when I didn't find her there. A lady called me over to the Primary room and said they had a special guest. There was my little Braelynn sitting on a lady's lap in the front row. She was so excited to be in there, and did NOT want to go!

We finally made it home and met with my parents. Amy and Greg came over, as well as some other friends. We had a huge dinner; ham, potatoes au gratin, carrots, salad, rolls, chocolate cream pie, and lemon bars.

We ate so much we hurt :(

Then we cleaned up and Kent and Braelynn enjoyed a little Angry Birds while Brooke had a bottle. I sat back and watched my family with a heart of gratitude for each of them and how blessed I am to have this life.
We have a few exciting things these upcoming weeks, but we are mostly looking forward to Kent's family coming for Amy's ASU graduation.

Happy Easter!

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The Carpenter Family said...

LOve your cute family!! Whar cuties