Sunday, May 27, 2012

Millions of Peaches

Every year I want to go to the Peach festival at Schnepff farms. Without saying "I don't want to go," Kent always is able to talk us out of going...I know what he's really saying though!

Lucky for me, it was Mother's Week (yes, in my house I get a whole week)! That meant we were going and he couldn't complain.

It was...alright...I guess. I don't know, $2/lb to pick your own? Eh. I could only bring myself to pick 4 (peaches, not pounds). It was also dreadfully hot at 9 am. It was certainly the place to be though! When we left, the line to get in was a mile up Rittenhouse Rd!

Kent would like to go back next year. I might be the one talking us out of it though ;)

I don't even remember last weekend...probably didn't do anything too exciting.

This weekend though, we went to the zoo! It was only 84 on Saturday and was the perfect day to go. The better part was that we got a culture pass, making it Free, FREE, fReE!!! We get culture passes A LOT, and we've been trying to get this one for 7 months! 

Braelynn is obsessed with Lion King, and was so excited to see the Lions. She also kept saying to she wanted to see the Elephants. 

Brooke is just still too little to quite get what's going on, but when I pointed out the Elephants to her, her entire face lit up and she just stared. She really had a good time too.

My favorite part was the splash pad. The girls went crazy! It was so fun watching them play in the water.

That was when we all hit the WALL of exhaustion. We still had to see the bears though. We were so delirious, that it took us some time to find them, but that area of the zoo was just beautiful.

As long as there is the Culture Pass, we'll be going there again :)

Summer has started, so that means that we are officially starting our "let's get outta here" lifestyle. Camping, California, and Utah are the usuals, and keep us pretty happy during these next few months.


Cassie Simms said...

Such cute pictures! It looks exhausting but also like a lot of fun! :) I'm so glad I got to see you guys on Sunday, the day after your exhausting adventures. :)

Natalie said...

Don't worry Carly - you don't have to go back to pick peaches. Peaches come in a can. They were put there by a man. ;)

------------------------------- said...

So fun!! I wish Carter cared about the animals at the zoo. All he wants to do is play on the playground on the way to the zoo!

Don't forget to tighten those car seat straps. The crash tests show that kids with straps too loose actually come out of the seat and hit their head on the door during a crash. Scary.

Aren't they so cute when they sleep!! You know they had a blast when they sleep like that on the way home!


------------------------------- said...
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Brenda Johnson said...

You finally got the culture pass!!! I'm jealous! =) Looks like a great time. And I love the peaches from the trees at Schnepf. So yummy right off the tree!