Monday, July 30, 2012

Random Ramblings About the Summer

This summer has been unlike any other. It has been so crazy-busy-chaotic, stressful, and quick as ever! It seems just like yesterday Kent's family was here, but that was almost 3 months ago.

We started off on a camping trip with my family in the White Mountains. We go every summer for a few days and it's usually a nice break from the heat. This year it was over 90 degrees though! Upon arriving, we discovered that the dates of our reservations were wrong, so after a night we packed up and headed home. We had orchestrated this grand plan, coordinating with Kent's help at AP camp a few miles away, a few days later. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way, but at least Kent got a few nights of good sleep before heading back :)

This is when the chaos really ensued. We've been involved in this tangled-mess-of-a-lawsuit for the past year. Somehow the universe aligned itself perfectly, because as we decided to take on the lawsuit without a lawyer, we were notified that we were being audited by the IRS! I know. Really. What fun.

The following month was spent by Kent and/or me up until the wee hours of the morning. We were each putting in 12-15 hour days trying to get everything done. I have never been so tired in my life.

We were scheduled to leave again July 3rd, for San Diego. We got our legal paperwork submitted at 4 am, and were on the road by noon! Let me tell you, I don't think I have EVER been more ready for a vacation in my entire life. Kent and I were on a total sleep deprivation rush that day, we were so giddy, and had a great kick-off to our trip! We may have possibly terrified the teller at the bank as we rocked out in our car, but we so deserved to!

We spent that week with all of my family. Eddie and his FIANCE, Devin, even flew in from Georgia! We got to see the most spectacular 15 second 4th of July fireworks show (way to go San Diego!). We went kayaking, bike riding, walked the beach, went swimming, and stayed outside 24/7. It was just what we needed. It was so fantastic to just be lazy-busy. I didn't take a single picture or make a single phone call. I am serious. I was THAT lazy. Cassie, I know we had "plans" and I totally flaked...I am so sorry. You know I wanted to, I just couldn't. I owe you big time!

We got back Sunday night, and Monday morning we were back at work, putting in a few more 12-15 hour days. The audit was well-prepared for and went well. We're pretty much done with it.

Don't worry though, just as we completed the audit stuff, the lawsuit stuff picked back up, so we have plenty to keep us busy with again.

Even though nothing is completely over, I am so glad we've had this experience. It has brought us closer as a couple, challenged us, and taught us so much.

The girls have been such blessings during this time too. They are playing so well together, Braelynn loves helping with so many different things, and Brooke is just growing up so nicely too.

Braelynn has so many cute sayings now:

"Oh. My. GWAAASH!" She says this anytime she sees something amazing or if Kent and I are saying it, she chimes in too.

"C'mmooonn!" She says this when she is frustrated with something. She says it in a deep voice and bulges out her eyes too!

"Bwooke, no! I sayd (said) 3! NO!" Anytime Brooke does something Braelynn doesn't like.

"Bwooke, no cwying k? No Bwooke! Stop cwying! NO CWYING!" She starts off nice, but by the end of it she is yelling and crying herself. It's so hard not to laugh!

"My birthday. Carousel. September. Carousel. Birthday. Carousel." She reminds us EVERYDAY. No joke.

"Member? Scoy-un (scorpion). Hurt bad. Member?" or "Member? Stove. Hurt bad. Member?" She can tell you every injury she has had.


She also knows all 3 verses of "I am a Child of God."

Brooke has really transitioned from Baby to Toddler these last few weeks. She started walking mid-June. She also shakes her head yes, and shakes her arms for no. She has also started copying Braelynn. She carries her blanket all around the house like Braelynn. It's so cute, because she is just so little and the blanket is so big!

She loves to snuggle, she'll play in her crib quietly for a long time after a nap. She's also really good at laughing. Whenever we're talking, if we start laughing, she lets out a gut-busting laugh like it's the funniest thing she has heard.

I took her in for her 15 month check-up today. She is just over 18 pounds and back on the chart in the 1st percentile :) She's finally liking foods...PB&J, blueberries, turkey, mac & cheese, and just recently Chow Mein, go figure.

So, this is what we've been up to. Did I mention our washing machine broke, and we had to get a new fridge too? Just trying to paint an accurate picture of our summer ;)

Nothing really blog worthy, and no pictures. Sorry. Hopefully the crazy stuff will settle down, and the better stuff with pick back up! I think we're ready for a change from these last few months.

On a positive note, we are all alive, in love, and together. What more can you ask for right?

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The Carpenter Family said...

WOW that was a crazy summer! you guys are rock stars!!