Monday, October 1, 2012

Braelynn Turns 3!

I can't believe Braelynn turned 3 this year! It is so fun to watch her grow up and see the world through her eyes. She has been anticipating her Birthday since Brooke had her's, which made it all the more exciting.

Birthday morning balloons!

Birthday "Mac n cheeks" lunch.

Every year Kent and I go to Ballet Under the Stars. It is our favorite date and we look forward to it all year. Braelynn's birthday happened to be the same night, so this year we made it a family outing. We grabbed dinner from Joe's BBQ and Joe's Grill, and headed to Tempe Town Lake to watch the show. It was so much fun with the girls. They are both really into music and dancing, so they were just in awe! Braelynn also got to meet Miss Jr. Arizona and Miss Sweetheart and have her picture taken with them. They just adored her and Braelynn was captivated by their tiaras (like mother like daughter).

Here she is bustin' a move with Arizona Ballet's performance of Balanchine. So proud ;)
Brooke couldn't get enough to drink.
That cup was so big!

The next day my parents came up to celebrate a little more. We decided to go to McCormick Stillman Railroad Park. It is Braelynn's most favorite place, especially the Carousel. We last went in May and everyday since then she has told us, "My birthday, Carousel, September, my birthday!"

Braelynn with Apa on the carousel.
We came home and had Chinese Food, birthday cake, and presents.

Her celebration was yet to be over though. During the week she had some friends from her Nursery class come over to play and have cupcakes. They were so cute! I had a candle and Braelynn's and we sang her Happy Birthday...all the kids then wanted to be sure they had their own candles. Braelynn has since refused to eat any cake without a candle and a song. She told me, "I want cake, and a 'WHHOOO', and a 'Haaappy Birthday to Yooouuu!'." She cracks me up.

We took her in for her 3 year check up. She's 40th percentile for height and 60th for weight. She also has...a 3rd nipple! Haha! It may not be so appropriate to blog about it, but I think it's so funny. I would have never known she had one and Kent still doesn't believe me. The doctor said it's totally normal, a lot of people have them, and it shouldn't ever bother her. So there you go. That's her quirk I guess :)

Putting the birthday aside we have also been pretty busy around here. Kent went on a 3 day backpacking trip with his siblings to Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon. When they got back to their car they had a message from their mom that their Grandmother had died. A few days later they were all on a plane to Houston for the funeral. Kent said it was just beautiful and a fitting event for his lovely Grandmother. I so wish that I could have gotten to know her better. Kent strives to keep our home filled with the feelings and traditions of her home.

I was asked to help with our Stake's dinner before Women's Conference. I got to be in charge of 32 dozen homemade rolls. I so badly wish I got a picture of my kitchen packed full of women and kitchenaids and Bosch mixers! It was quite an event. I am still wiping flour off my counters...and cupboards...and walls...and floors. We did it though. Learning new things all the time :)

On the economic/employment side of things, still nothing. Kent might be shifting gears here soon, as we haven't been able to purchase anything in over a year. He has a partner he's working with now, who has really been encouraging and Kent really enjoys working with him. The Lord has certainly blessed us over the past year in so many other ways would just be so nice to have something come in soon. We have a "shopping list" a mile long that is needing some attention once we get some income :)

In the meantime we'll just stay busy making memories! We are looking forward to Fall being upon us and so many holidays coming up.

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