Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had so many activities leading up to Halloween this year, really helping up get in the holiday spirit!

Earlier in the month we went to Mother Nature's Farm to "pick" some pumpkins. FYI, Pumpkin Patches in the Phoenix area are completely lame. I miss living in Tucson sometimes for a number of reasons, and Reason # (I don't know what # I'm on) is that it is closer to Wilcox. It just isn't Fall or Halloween without a trip to Wilcox. I guess until the Mister understands this nostalgia we will settle for Mother Nature's Farm.

Jeanette and Bryan informed us that if you dressed up in a Halloween costume, you could get in for free (did I mention that I think it is completely lame that you have to PAY to get into a Pumpkin Patch to then PAY for a pumpkin?). Seriously, $10! I don't get it.

The girls had fun though, and it was so nice to see our friends there. Ignore the not-so-cute outfit...we conveniently went as nerds and dressed-down as soon as we got in.

Braelynn was a kitty this year, and depending on the day and her mood, she wore different pieces of her costume. I don't believe we ever got 100% of it on! Brooke was a Sailor, and complied quite nicely.

A few weeks later we had a Trunk-or-Treat at our church. Braelynn was so excited to Trick-or-Treat, and Brooke fell right in line!

Finally Halloween came upon us. We carved pumpkins this year and then went out for Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood. The girls had so much fun. After we made it up our street, Brooke was so tired, that she practically fell asleep on the walk back. She would wake up just enough to get up to the door, get her candy, turn around, and collapse in my arms. Kent took Brooke home, and I got to take Braelynn out for a little more. She certainly saw the scarier side of Halloween as it got later! Hopefully that won't scare her off from Trick-or-Treating next year.

By Saturday, we were all on sugar highs and had to get out to burn off the extra energy. We were invited to a BBQ event up in Mesa on Saturday, and we all had an absolute blast. Braelynn jumped in the Jumping Castle for probably close to 3 hours, only breaking for Cotton Candy and other yummy treats. Brooke enjoyed dancing on the patio and getting her fill of sugar as well.

After the BBQ we had some time to kill before Kent had a meeting, so we headed to the mall. I was certain the girls would crash in the car, but they somehow managed to not get a wink of sleep...imagine that after all their Cotton Candy!

We've certainly had our share of fun this past week! We are so excited for the week ahead of us. We will be celebrating our 5th anniversary! In another life we'll be heading out on a cruise for it...but alas...I believe we'll be getting dinner and maybe a movie. Kent's sister Amy agreed to take the girls for a night, so it will almost be like a vacation still. We also get our Anniversary Cake from the Bakery that made our wedding cake :) It's the simple things in life right?

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