Sunday, April 7, 2013


Yikes! I've gotten really bad at this thing. I guess I never knew what busy meant until the last few months. After Halloween we began our race through the holidays, and safely landed in...what month is this...April? Double yikes!

I'll make this easy for everyone, and just scroll through the photos on my phone. Enjoy!

November 7th, we celebrated our 5th anniversary. Aunt Amy and Uncle Greg took the girls for the night and it worked out really well. Our girls are so lucky to have such wonderful family so close by. They are by far some of the girls' most favorite people! It was so nice for us :) We went to dinner at Valle Luna and saw a movie...umm...something about Prohibition and these brothers. You know that one? Ok.

The next day we picked up the girls and headed up to Fountain Hills. We went to the Art Festival and had a picnic at the park. Old Man Winter moved in that day and it was quite chilly!

Then we moved on to Thanksgiving. We spent it here and had Roast Beef :) We're continuing our tradition of "non-traditional" foods. We went and saw the movie, "Brave," and then went to my parents' for the weekend.

Moving into December, we kept ourselves busy with Christmas activities and preparing for Eddie and Devin's Engagement Party. I think I cooked almost all day, everyday for the entire month!

We did manage to get family photos taken. Here's the Christmas card...didn't get one? You are not the only one. Trust me. I thought I would get it together for at least a Valentine's Day card. Nope. Easter? Nope.

The girls have so much fun playing with Uncle Eddie and Aunt Devin. Finally, a couple that has just as much energy as they do!

We did a whole Southern/Beach theme honoring Devin's Georgia roots. They'll also be getting married on the beach in Florida.

The party turned out beautifully, but I must say my favorite part was Brooke downing 1/2 a sippy cup of Rum Punch! Woops! She slept off the hangover the next day ;) Next time we'll be sure to label the drinks!

I turned 30 the next day. 'Nuff said.

We then came back up to Chandler for Christmas.

We then celebrated our birthdays (Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve...we make quite the pair!) by going to Joe's BBQ, Joe's Farm Grill, Liberty Market, Denny's, Rubio's, and The Keg. That's quite the list! We eat out all month in December I think.

The new year rolled in and it got really chilly. I mean Really Cold. One Saturday afternoon there was a knock at the door with a boy telling us water was spraying out everywhere. Boo hoo :( I fixed it. Yep. I did! I'm pretty amazing like that.

I don't think it would have busted if it wasn't so corroded. Stupid Chandler water.

Isn't the new one so pretty? It doesn't leak either, so it won't get nasty like the other one.

I only cried once. I was messing with the valves and got shot in the face with the water. It was only like 17 degrees outside. Hey, if you were as woosy as me in the cold, you'd cry too!

On one of those chilly days I made Roast for dinner. I was searing the meat, in a hurry, and forgot to use my common sense. Hot grease in the face. I stayed in for a week, so embarrassed with those blisters. Luckily it didn't scar.

I started watching for 2 babies during the day, so we spend a lot of time at home playing during the week. The girls have gotten really close and play together pretty nicely now.

We've gotten back into our routine of getting out of the house on the weekends again though.

We went downtown for the Art Walk, but ended up playing at the Arizona Center all night. We took a picnic and just let the girls run around.

We then got some really exciting news. Kent's mom is coming to live here! Her office in Houston is relocating to a space about 10 minutes from our house. What are the odds? She came out for a weekend to get acclimated and find a place. We are beyond thrilled!

We had a few days of super nice weather, and a few days away from our little babies. It felt so nice to just play with my girls on our own schedule. We spent a day at the park.

As much as we've been having and smiling for pictures. We also have a toddler again. Woo. Hoo.

She certainly keeps me on my toes. You'll notice from this point we don't have many pictures of Brooke. Let me assure you, she is there. She's just off the side yelling, "NNNNOOOO!!!!"

For Easter we went to city's Easter celebration. They had 6 or 10 jumping castles. It was the girls' own little piece of Celestial glory. It almost turned into our worst nightmare though. Kent went to get some Kleenex from the bathroom, leaving me alone with the 2 girls. Immediately Braelynn decided she wanted to go to another Jumping Castle and hopped out. I peeked in to get Brooke, to which she replied, "NNNNOOOOO!!!!" I realized I was going to have to go in. I turned around to tell Braelynn, and she was gone. Gone. GONE. Oh my heavens. She was gone for about 5 minutes before she found us. She was balling and telling us how scared she was. Good. She hasn't left our sides since.

The next morning we went to church, and came home to find the Easter Bunny had come! He actually came at 11:30 the night before. See what I super busy here!

My parents and Greg and Amy also came over.



Mmmm...Jelly Beans. Ok, you can take a picture. Maybe 2.


Then this weekend we had our Block Party. More jumping castles :) The girls had so much fun jumping, riding the train, eating, playing with balloons, and doggies, and so much other fun stuff.

We finished off the weekend with General Conference. Our favorite around here!

Gotchya! Ha!

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