Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh my coldness!

Well, we survived! To sum up the Utah experience in one word, "cold." 
We had an absolute BLAST though! On Monday we drove up and stayed in Camp Verde, AZ with my Aunt April and Uncle Jim. They made us the most delicious beef stew which I think kept us warm for our trip :) On Tuesday we drove the rest of the way up to Draper, UT. The drive was absolutely beautiful as areas were covered with a fresh blanket of snow. Luckily, driving between Kanab and Panguitch we were stuck behind the snow plow.

We then spent the next few days with Lanae and her family. Her boys are just wonderful (I'm sure the 3rd one will fit in just fine!). Jordan has no problem telling anyone what he wants or how he wants it, and Austin is still just figuring everything out. He has the cutest little laugh. On Christmas morning when he came downstairs and saw the race tracks, he stamped his feet and giggled. It was absolutely adorable! 

While we were there we went to Temple Square, the mall, and spent time with some of Kent's cousins as well. Lanae and Jared also took us up to Soldier's Hollow. It is a ski/tubing area not too far from them. It was especially nice because we would sit in our tubes and a lift would take us up. 

Here are some pictures of just how much snow fell while we were there too. It took Kent and I (well, just Kent) about an hour to dig ourselves out.

We loved Tubing! I'm posting a video showing the "rush!" I wish I had shot the video of our 1st trip down because I screamed the whole time! Haha...this time Kent and I had a rough start ;)

Thanks Lanae and Jared for an AWESOME holiday!!!

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